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!_TAG_FILE_FORMAT 2 /extended format; --format=1 will not append ;" to lines/
!_TAG_FILE_SORTED 1 /0=unsorted, 1=sorted, 2=foldcase/
!_TAG_PROGRAM_AUTHOR Darren Hiebert /
!_TAG_PROGRAM_NAME Exuberant Ctags //
!_TAG_PROGRAM_URL /official site/
AREA_CHECKS t/area_link.t /^AREA_CHECKS: {$/;" l
AREA_CHECKS t/find_link.t /^AREA_CHECKS: {$/;" l
AUTOCHECK_OFF t/autocheck.t /^AUTOCHECK_OFF: {$/;" l
AUTOCHECK_ON t/autocheck.t /^AUTOCHECK_ON: {$/;" l
BACK_TO_FIRST_PAGE t/cookies.t /^BACK_TO_FIRST_PAGE: {$/;" l
BAD_PAGE t/local/failure.t /^BAD_PAGE: {$/;" l
CHECK_DEATH t/die.t /^CHECK_DEATH: {$/;" l
CHECK_LIVING t/die.t /^CHECK_LIVING: {$/;" l
CLICK_BY_NAME t/local/click_button.t /^CLICK_BY_NAME: {$/;" l
CLICK_BY_NUMBER t/local/click_button.t /^CLICK_BY_NUMBER: {$/;" l
DESTROY t/local/ /^sub DESTROY {$/;" s
EAT_THE_WARNING t/select.t /^EAT_THE_WARNING: { # Mech complains about the non-existent field$/;" l
FIND_BY_CLASS t/find_link_id.t /^FIND_BY_CLASS: {$/;" l
FIND_BY_ID t/find_link_id.t /^FIND_BY_ID: {$/;" l
FIND_CLASS_BY_REGEX t/find_link_id.t /^FIND_CLASS_BY_REGEX: {$/;" l
FIND_ID_BY_REGEX t/find_link_id.t /^FIND_ID_BY_REGEX: {$/;" l
FIRST_COOKIE t/cookies.t /^FIRST_COOKIE: {$/;" l
FIRST_FORM t/find_inputs.t /^FIRST_FORM: {$/;" l
FIRST_GET t/local/reload.t /^FIRST_GET: {$/;" l
FORMS lib/WWW/ /^ FORMS: for my $form (@{ $self->forms }) {$/;" l
GET_A_THIRD_COOKIE t/cookies.t /^GET_A_THIRD_COOKIE: {$/;" l
GOOD_PAGE t/local/failure.t /^GOOD_PAGE: {$/;" l
INITIAL_CLONE t/clone.t /^INITIAL_CLONE: {$/;" l
INVALIDATE t/local/reload.t /^INVALIDATE: {$/;" l
LANGUAGES t/live/wikipedia.t /^use constant LANGUAGES => qw( en it ja es nl pl );$/;" c
LocalServer t/local/ /^package LocalServer;$/;" p
MY Makefile.PL /^sub MY::postamble {$/;" s
MyMech t/local/overload.t /^ package MyMech;$/;" p
NEW_API t/link.t /^NEW_API: {$/;" l
NON_REGEX_STRING t/find_link-warnings.t /^NON_REGEX_STRING: {$/;" l
NO_AGENT t/new.t /^NO_AGENT: {$/;" l
NO_BASE t/link-base.t /^NO_BASE: {$/;" l
NO_GET t/local/reload.t /^NO_GET: {$/;" l
NO_STACK t/local/page_stack.t /^NO_STACK: {$/;" l
OLD_API t/link.t /^OLD_API: {$/;" l
PAIRS t/live/encoding.t /^use constant PAIRS => {$/;" c
REGEX_STRING t/find_link-warnings.t /^REGEX_STRING: {$/;" l
REGEX_USAGE t/find_link-warnings.t /^REGEX_USAGE: {$/;" l
RELOAD t/local/reload.t /^RELOAD: {$/;" l
RES_ON_NEW t/new.t /^RES_ON_NEW: {$/;" l
SECOND_COOKIE t/cookies.t /^SECOND_COOKIE: {$/;" l
SECOND_FORM t/find_inputs.t /^SECOND_FORM: {$/;" l
SKIP t/area_link.t /^ SKIP: {$/;" l
SKIP t/area_link.t /^SKIP: {$/;" l
SKIP t/content.t /^SKIP: {$/;" l
SKIP t/live/wikipedia.t /^SKIP: {$/;" l
SKIP t/local/back.t /^SKIP: {$/;" l
SKIP t/local/get.t /^SKIP: {$/;" l
SKIP t/local/referer.t /^SKIP: {$/;" l
SKIP t/local/reload.t /^SKIP: {$/;" l
SKIP t/local/submit.t /^SKIP: {$/;" l
SPACE_PADDED t/find_link-warnings.t /^SPACE_PADDED: {$/;" l
STANDARD_STACK t/local/page_stack.t /^STANDARD_STACK: {$/;" l
THIRD_FORM t/find_inputs.t /^THIRD_FORM: {$/;" l
TestServer t/ /^package TestServer;$/;" p
Tools t/ /^package Tools;$/;" p
UNKNOWN_ALIAS t/warnings.t /^UNKNOWN_ALIAS: {$/;" l
URI lib/WWW/Mechanize/ /^sub URI {$/;" s
URI lib/WWW/Mechanize/ /^sub URI {$/;" s
USER_AGENT t/new.t /^USER_AGENT: {$/;" l
WWW::Mechanize lib/WWW/ /^package WWW::Mechanize;$/;" p
WWW::Mechanize::Image lib/WWW/Mechanize/ /^package WWW::Mechanize::Image;$/;" p
WWW::Mechanize::Link lib/WWW/Mechanize/ /^package WWW::Mechanize::Link;$/;" p
_SUPER_put lib/WWW/ /^sub _SUPER_put {$/;" s
_check_unhandled_parms lib/WWW/ /^sub _check_unhandled_parms {$/;" s
_clean_keys lib/WWW/ /^sub _clean_keys {$/;" s
_die lib/WWW/ /^sub _die {$/;" s
_extract_forms lib/WWW/ /^sub _extract_forms {$/;" s
_extract_images lib/WWW/ /^sub _extract_images {$/;" s
_extract_links lib/WWW/ /^sub _extract_links {$/;" s
_image_from_token lib/WWW/ /^sub _image_from_token {$/;" s
_is_tainted lib/WWW/ /^sub _is_tainted {$/;" s
_link_from_token lib/WWW/ /^sub _link_from_token {$/;" s
_make_request lib/WWW/ /^sub _make_request {$/;" s
_match_any_image_parms lib/WWW/ /^sub _match_any_image_parms {$/;" s
_match_any_link_parms lib/WWW/ /^sub _match_any_link_parms {$/;" s
_modify_request lib/WWW/ /^sub _modify_request {$/;" s
_push_page_stack lib/WWW/ /^sub _push_page_stack {$/;" s
_reset_page lib/WWW/ /^sub _reset_page {$/;" s
_taintedness lib/WWW/ /^sub _taintedness {$/;" s
_update_page lib/WWW/ /^sub _update_page {$/;" s
_warn lib/WWW/ /^sub _warn {$/;" s
add_header lib/WWW/ /^sub add_header {$/;" s
agent_alias lib/WWW/ /^sub agent_alias {$/;" s
alt lib/WWW/Mechanize/ /^sub alt { return ($_[0])->{alt}; }$/;" s
attrs lib/WWW/Mechanize/ /^sub attrs { return ($_[0])->[5]; }$/;" s
back lib/WWW/ /^sub back {$/;" s
background t/ /^sub background {$/;" s
base lib/WWW/ /^sub base { my $self = shift; return $self->{base}; }$/;" s
base lib/WWW/Mechanize/ /^sub base { return ($_[0])->{base}; }$/;" s
base lib/WWW/Mechanize/ /^sub base { return ($_[0])->[4]; }$/;" s
clear_credentials lib/WWW/ /^sub clear_credentials {$/;" s
click lib/WWW/ /^sub click {$/;" s
click_button lib/WWW/ /^sub click_button {$/;" s
clone lib/WWW/ /^sub clone {$/;" s
content lib/WWW/ /^sub content {$/;" s
content_type lib/WWW/ /^sub content_type { my $self = shift; return $self->{ct}; }$/;" s
cookieval t/cookies.t /^sub cookieval {$/;" s
credentials lib/WWW/ /^sub credentials {$/;" s
creds_required t/local/ /^sub creds_required {$/;" s
critic Makefile.PL /^critic:$/;" l
ct lib/WWW/ /^sub ct { my $self = shift; return $self->{ct}; }$/;" s
current_form lib/WWW/ /^sub current_form {$/;" s
delete_header lib/WWW/ /^sub delete_header {$/;" s
die lib/WWW/ /^sub die {$/;" s
dump_forms bin/mech-dump /^sub dump_forms {$/;" s
dump_forms bin/mech-dump.orig /^sub dump_forms {$/;" s
dump_forms lib/WWW/ /^sub dump_forms {$/;" s
dump_headers bin/mech-dump /^sub dump_headers {$/;" s
dump_headers bin/mech-dump.orig /^sub dump_headers {$/;" s
dump_headers lib/WWW/ /^sub dump_headers {$/;" s
dump_images bin/mech-dump /^sub dump_images {$/;" s
dump_images bin/mech-dump.orig /^sub dump_images {$/;" s
dump_images lib/WWW/ /^sub dump_images {$/;" s
dump_links bin/mech-dump /^sub dump_links {$/;" s
dump_links bin/mech-dump.orig /^sub dump_links {$/;" s
dump_links lib/WWW/ /^sub dump_links {$/;" s
dump_text bin/mech-dump /^sub dump_text {$/;" s
dump_text lib/WWW/ /^sub dump_text {$/;" s
field lib/WWW/ /^sub field {$/;" s
find_all_images lib/WWW/ /^sub find_all_images {$/;" s
find_all_inputs lib/WWW/ /^sub find_all_inputs {$/;" s
find_all_links lib/WWW/ /^sub find_all_links {$/;" s
find_all_submits lib/WWW/ /^sub find_all_submits {$/;" s
find_image lib/WWW/ /^sub find_image {$/;" s
find_link lib/WWW/ /^sub find_link {$/;" s
follow_link lib/WWW/ /^sub follow_link {$/;" s
form_id lib/WWW/ /^sub form_id {$/;" s
form_name lib/WWW/ /^sub form_name {$/;" s
form_number lib/WWW/ /^sub form_number {$/;" s
form_with_fields lib/WWW/ /^sub form_with_fields {$/;" s
forms lib/WWW/ /^sub forms {$/;" s
get lib/WWW/ /^sub get {$/;" s
get_basic_credentials lib/WWW/ /^sub get_basic_credentials {$/;" s
get_output t/local/ /^sub get_output {$/;" s
handle_request t/ /^sub handle_request {$/;" s
height lib/WWW/Mechanize/ /^sub height { return ($_[0])->{height}; }$/;" s
hostname t/ /^sub hostname {$/;" s
images lib/WWW/ /^sub images {$/;" s
import t/ /^sub import {$/;" s
is_html lib/WWW/ /^sub is_html { my $self = shift; return defined $self->ct && ($self->ct eq 'text\/html'); }$/;" s
known_agent_aliases lib/WWW/ /^sub known_agent_aliases {$/;" s
links lib/WWW/ /^sub links {$/;" s
main Makefile.PL /^package main;$/;" p
name lib/WWW/Mechanize/ /^sub name { return ($_[0])->{name}; }$/;" s
name lib/WWW/Mechanize/ /^sub name { return ($_[0])->[2]; }$/;" s
new lib/WWW/ /^sub new {$/;" s
new lib/WWW/Mechanize/ /^sub new {$/;" s
new lib/WWW/Mechanize/ /^sub new {$/;" s
new t/ /^sub new {$/;" s
nosend_cookies t/cookies.t /^sub nosend_cookies {$/;" s
port t/local/ /^sub port {$/;" s
put lib/WWW/ /^sub put {$/;" s
quiet lib/WWW/ /^sub quiet {$/;" s
redirect_ok lib/WWW/ /^sub redirect_ok {$/;" s
reload lib/WWW/ /^sub reload {$/;" s
request lib/WWW/ /^sub request {$/;" s
res lib/WWW/ /^sub res { my $self = shift; return $self->{res}; }$/;" s
response lib/WWW/ /^sub response { my $self = shift; return $self->{res}; }$/;" s
root t/ /^sub root {$/;" s
run t/ /^sub run {$/;" s
save_content lib/WWW/ /^sub save_content {$/;" s
select lib/WWW/ /^sub select {$/;" s
send_cookies t/cookies.t /^sub send_cookies {$/;" s
set_dispatch t/ /^sub set_dispatch {$/;" s
set_fields lib/WWW/ /^sub set_fields {$/;" s
set_visible lib/WWW/ /^sub set_visible {$/;" s
slurp t/save_content.t /^sub slurp {$/;" s
spawn t/local/ /^sub spawn {$/;" s
stack_depth lib/WWW/ /^sub stack_depth {$/;" s
status lib/WWW/ /^sub status { my $self = shift; return $self->{status}; }$/;" s
stop t/ /^sub stop {$/;" s
stop t/local/ /^sub stop {$/;" s
submit lib/WWW/ /^sub submit {$/;" s
submit_form lib/WWW/ /^sub submit_form {$/;" s
success lib/WWW/ /^sub success {$/;" s
tag lib/WWW/Mechanize/ /^sub tag { return ($_[0])->{tag}; }$/;" s
tag lib/WWW/Mechanize/ /^sub tag { return ($_[0])->[3]; }$/;" s
tags Makefile.PL /^tags:$/;" l
text lib/WWW/ /^sub text {$/;" s
text lib/WWW/Mechanize/ /^sub text { return ($_[0])->[1]; }$/;" s
tick lib/WWW/ /^sub tick {$/;" s
title lib/WWW/ /^sub title {$/;" s
untick lib/WWW/ /^sub untick {$/;" s
update_html lib/WWW/ /^sub update_html {$/;" s
update_html t/local/overload.t /^ sub update_html {$/;" s
uri lib/WWW/ /^sub uri {$/;" s
url lib/WWW/Mechanize/ /^sub url { return ($_[0])->{url}; }$/;" s
url lib/WWW/Mechanize/ /^sub url { return ($_[0])->[0]; }$/;" s
url t/local/ /^sub url {$/;" s
url_abs lib/WWW/Mechanize/ /^sub url_abs {$/;" s
url_abs lib/WWW/Mechanize/ /^sub url_abs {$/;" s
value lib/WWW/ /^sub value {$/;" s
warn lib/WWW/ /^sub warn {$/;" s
width lib/WWW/Mechanize/ /^sub width { return ($_[0])->{width}; }$/;" s