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Weather App

Weather app created with API from Open weather ( Focus was to learn to fetch data from an API and present that in a webpage. Made during Technigo Bootcamp 2020.

The problem

I started with getting the basic data from one city in the API to show in the console log and then in the HTML. When this was working I continued with the design in CSS. I added more cities and geolocation, which I found to be the most challenging. I used a callback function to get the coordinates to be inserted in the API adress, which I'm sure could be done in a much simpler way. I focused a lot on showing visual cues on weather type, both with using classes in CSS and CSS animations, they are displayed or hidden based on the weather data. If I had more time I would like to add more weather types and show more data from the API, preferably when clicked on a weekday or in tablet and desktop views.

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