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# Python 2.7.15
import os
import museval
import librosa
import numpy as np
#TODO: ask about if metric computation should be mono
def metrics_from_numpy_arrays(real_sources, estimated_sources):
""" real_sources : np.ndarray, shape=(nsrc, nsampl, nchan)
estimated_sources : np.ndarray, shape=(nsrc, nsampl, nchan)
Return values (all shapes=(nsrc, nwin)):
- SDR: signal to distortion ratios
- ISR: image to spatial distortion ratios
- SIR: signal to interference ratios
- SAR: signal to artifacts ratios
print(real_sources.ndim, estimated_sources.ndim)
assert real_sources.ndim == estimated_sources.ndim == 3, 'metrics_from_numpy_arrays: inputs have invalid # of dims'
museval.metrics.validate(real_sources, estimated_sources)
sdr, isr, sir, sar, _ = museval.metrics.bss_eval(real_sources, estimated_sources, window=np.inf, hop=0)
return sdr, isr, sir, sar
def load_audio(filepath, sr=METRICS_SAMPLE_RATE, is_mono=True):
loaded_audio, _ = librosa.core.load(filepath, sr=sr, mono=is_mono)
if is_mono:
loaded_audio = np.expand_dims(loaded_audio, 1)
loaded_audio = np.swapaxes(loaded_audio, 0, 1)
return loaded_audio
def compute_results_from_directory(dirpath, estimated_suffix, true_suffix):
estimated_filenames, true_filenames = [], []
for filename in sorted(os.listdir(dirpath)):
if filename.rfind('.') == -1:
file_title = filename[:filename.rfind('.')]
if file_title[-len(estimated_suffix):] == estimated_suffix:
elif file_title[-len(true_suffix):] == true_suffix:
estimated_waveforms = [load_audio(os.path.join(dirpath,f)) for f in estimated_filenames]
true_waveforms = [load_audio(os.path.join(dirpath,f)) for f in true_filenames]
estimated_nparrays = np.array(estimated_waveforms)
true_nparrays = np.array(true_waveforms)
all_sdr, all_isr, all_sir, all_sar = metrics_from_numpy_arrays(true_nparrays, estimated_nparrays)
for i in range(len(all_sdr)):
# Edit the following logic to take windows into account if windows are ever used.
sdr, isr, sir, sar = float(all_sdr[i]), float(all_isr[i]), float(all_sir[i]), float(all_sar[i])
print('SDR: {:.3f} \t ISR: {:.3f} \t SIR {:.3f} \t SAR: {:.3f}'.format(sdr, isr, sir, sar))
return estimated_filenames, all_sdr, all_isr, all_sir, all_sar
if __name___ == '__main__':
compute_results_from_directory('/Users/zhao/Downloads/test_metrics','estimate', 'true')
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