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Kubisme (Cubism) is an AI trying to play Tetris.

Version 83

Parameters (78th generation) without I-potential.

Version 82

Parameters (60th generation) without I-potential.

Version 81

Removed I-potential detection.

Version 80

Rolled back the 3-ply parameters.

Version 79

Parameters based on 3-ply simulations and a bugfix in lock row.

Version 78

Taking opponent first filled into account did not pay off. So removed.

Version 77

SingleEmpties not longer commented out (ouch!) New parameters. Fix in finding skips, and finding paths on ply 2 and deeper.

Version 76

Overflow fix on opponent.

Version 75

Take first filled of the opponent into account. Removed evaluation of tunnels and other unreachable potential. Is seems not to work.

Version 74

New parameters.

Version 73

New way of handling curves in parameter generation.

Version 72

Always check on unreachable holes. Check paths in endgame. Added evaluation for to penalize unreachable rows with potential.

Version 71

Take height of unreachables into account when valuation unreachables.

Version 70

Rolled 3ply stuff back too.

Version 69

Rolled back to Version 65 with 'Improved speed of path finding enormously' of Version 66.

Version 68

New parameters fine-tuned on 3 ply.

Version 67

New parameters and exclude delta score for more than 3 ply.

Version 66

Increased opponent analysis to 3 ply. Only search for I-potential with 'deep tunnels'. Take first filled of opponent into account for the score of a field. Improved speed of path finding enormously.

Version 65

Extended curved parameters.

Version 64

Introduced curved parameters, and single T-spin detection. Score 0.67.

Version 63

Divide by zero exception bug fix for winning on ply 2 and 1, and losing on the next turn.

Version 62

Fixes for bugs with getting T-spin bonus (resulting in way to high scores). Added all 7 blocks for ply 3. Score 0.60.

Version 61

Parameters with a score 0.74.

Version 60

With parameters of version 56.

Version 59

Fixed endgame evaluation, improved T-spin detection. New parameters, and unreachables count as two holes per line.

Version 58

For now, only 2 ply deep. Tweak in factor for unreachables.

Version 57

Hopefully improved parameters.

Version 56

Split parameters in default and endgame, and added second ply for opponent evaluation.

Version 55

Rolled back the parameter changes, as they performed shit.

Version 54

Fixed a painful block path finding bug. Updated parameters because of this bug.

Version 53

Added penalties for single empties.

Version 52

Send the last move that was found, not the be losing directly, and an update of the logging.

Version 51

Re-introduced garbage in the evaluation, using the worst outcome of the current block, and detecting potential win on the current block.

Version 50

Just new parameters.

Version 49

Added losing-changes for row 1/4, and keep that in the evaluation for depth 1.

Version 48

Re-introduced combo-potential. Removed score for empty cells (not for empty rows). Use 'locks' instead of 'garbage' to simulate less space through time (due to actions of the opponent). Both faster and less random.

Version 47

Removed unreachable distance detection, changed branching factor. Added detection of multiple row clearance potential.

Version 46

Removed wall score, added distance to unreachable hole.

Version 45

Totally re-written field evaluator.

Version 44

Fixed a Skip bug. (Skip instead of Skips,drop)

Version 43

Removed opponent logic, simplified the evaluator.

Version 42

Applied new rules, without taking the 'skip' move into account.

Version 41

Redesign of time management, and fix of evaluation of row difference.

Version 40

Bug-fixes from live resolved.

Version 39

Changed branching, used a fixed number of blocks for ply 3 and deeper.

Version 38

Due to disk space issues on the server, this compilation failed.

Version 37

Radically change in evaluation the position. Move focus on the position relative to the opponent.

Version 36

Tweaked parameters based on one line of garbage per 4 instead of 6 points.

Version 35

Fix for positions of S and Z block after rotation left and right.

Version 34

Detection for unreachable lines (mainly garbage) and the reachables.

Version 33

Bug fix for paths of I,S, and Z blocks. Tweaked detection for T-Spin.

Version 32

Fix in path generation for long (30+) paths. Added T-Spin detection and parameters.

Version 31

Fix in path finding. added T-spin point. Changed evaluation; check for free rows, instead of free cells.

Version 30

Last blockade detection and path finding for filling holes.

Version 29

Disabled combo bonus for rows of 9.

Version 28

Tweaked parameters based on the simulation fix.

Version 27

Yet another time consumption tweak.

Version 26

Fix in time consumption.

Version 25

Tweaked branching factor based on available blocks, potentially leading to two ply more.

Version 24

Re-factoring if the block object. Different implementation handle block type specific logic, including a test on the availability of the path.

Version 23

New parameters and a block node lock row fix.

Version 22

Max depth to 5, and higher branching, to prevent time-outs.

Version 21

Fix in add garbage rows.

Version 20

Bug fixes and testing added. New live data needed.

Version 19

Clearing fix, extended logging.

Version 18

Disabled filling (for now), implemented new rules.

Version 17

Fix in starting position, first taken in to account in Version 16.

Version 16

Further tweaked the parameters. Reduced the branching factor even further. On top of that, Introduced path finding for filling (reachable, duh) holes.

Version 15

Introduced a rudimental combo potential detection, and tweaked (increased) the branching factor a bit. Based on a stronger virtual opponent and the compo potential, updated parameters as well.

Version 14

Fixed the determination of blockades, and of the the contacts with the right wall. Furthermore, the parameters were updated. On top of that, the search depth is extended. In practice, it searches up to 6 ply.

Version 13

Failed to compile on due to some not supported reflection code?!

Version 12

Added block per row count specific weights.

Version 11

Changed the genetics for optimizing evaluation parameters. With improved parameters and more checked variations.

Version 10

Updated evaluation parameters. (Not that successful).

Version 9

Fixed the swapped L rotate left and right.

Version 8

Fixed rotate right bug (was move right).

Version 7

Fixed a lot of bugs, enabled evaluation of one 'unknown' block as well.

Version 1

First attempt. Local runs (without competition) run 75 points on average before dying.


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