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Backup_of_Corel Cut file 3mm filled.cdr
Corel Cut file 1.5mm.cdr
Cross Section Front.DXF
Cross Section Rear.DXF
Cross Section Support.DXF
Cross Section.DXF
Flat pattern - Chasis Cover Bottom.DXF
Internal Base.DXF
Left Side.DXF
Motor Mount Bottom.DXF
SparkCutFiles (1).ai
Top Angle Plate.DXF
Top Plate.DXF
Ultrasonic Mount.DXF



First version of the CoroBot Spark Chassis components that were made available the day before the Kickstarter project was made live. These plans are made feely available to anyone free of charge. We only ask that if you find any value in them, please give back to the community that we have worked so hard on developing. This can come in many different forms such as just becoming an evangelists for the CoroBot Spark Project or donating to the Kickstarter project. The success of any open source project is with its community.