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Swift Lua Objective-C C++
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NOTE: This is a Swift-based version of the SimpleView sample.

This example shows you how to use CoronaView as the root view of the app. This is useful if you want to use CoronaViews in a manner similar to how plain Corona SDK/Corona Enterprise projects are setup.


In order for any CoronaCards project to work, you must put a valid license.ccdata file into the Corona folder (near main.lua), otherwise you'll get a black screen and error message in the console.

Code Overview

CoronaView setup (Swift)

The CoronaView is instantiated just like any normal UIView. A CoronaView is paired with an instance of CoronaViewController.

This example sets up the CoronaViewController as the root view controller of the app.

CoronaView contents (Lua)

The contents of the CoronaView are determined via Lua. In this project, the CoronaView is told to look for Lua files in the Corona subfolder of the .app bundle.

NOTE: The Xcode project is setup to automatically copy the contents of SimpleView/Corona to a Corona subfolder in the destination .app bundle, so you are free to modify/add/delete the Lua files as well as other asset files.

Swift Interoperatibility

CoronaCards.framework is written in Obj-C/C++. In order to make CoronaCards available to Swift, the following changes were performed after creating this Xcode project using the 'Single View Application' project template:

  1. Set CoronaCards-BridgingHeader.h as the 'Objective-C Bridging Header'
  2. Add CPlusPlusLinkage.cpp as an empty stub file to ensure C++ libraries are linked.
  3. Add frameworks and libraries required by CoronaCards.framework
  4. Modify ViewController.swift to subclass from CoronaViewController
  5. Modify Main.storyboard:
    • Set ViewController as the class for the UIViewController object
    • Set CoronaView as the class for the main UIView


The sample expects CoronaCards.framework to be installed at /Users/Shared/CoronaLabs/ios/CoronaCards.framework.

See CoronaCards Setup (iOS) for more info.


See System Requirements.

Version Notes


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