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newTrackon is a service to monitor the status and health of existing open and public trackers that anyone can use. It also allows to submit new trackers to add them to the list.

newTrackon is based on the abandoned Trackon by Uriel †.

Hosted and tested only with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. To work correctly, it needs IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity.


After cloning the repo, to make sure you have python3, pip, pipenv and sqlite3 installed, run

  • Ubuntu-Based / Debian:
sudo apt-get install python3-pip sqlite3 python3
sudo pip3 install pipenv

Then, browse to the project root folder. To install the pipenv environment and dependencies, and enter the pipenv:

pipenv install
pipenv shell

This will install requests, Flask, tornado, wsgi-requests-logger, and Flask-Mako.

Then, create the database with

sqlite3 trackon.db < trackon.schema

Finally, run


This will start the web server in all interfaces at port 8080, you can access to the main page opening in your browser localhost:8080. You can change the IP and port of the server editing the last line of


Feel free to make suggestions, create pull requests, report issues or any other feedback.

Contact me on twitter or on