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Implementation Of Tamarin

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AVM+ Documentation

AVM+ is the ActionScript Virtual Machine

AVM+ offers an order of magnitude performance increase over
the "Classic AVM" in Flash Player 7. Our performance target is 10X.

AVM+ implements ActionScript 3.0, the new version of the ActionScript
language that is based on ECMAScript, 3rd Edition (ES3) and
ECMAScript for XML (E4X), and which also incorporates many
extensions to those languages, including packages, classes, interfaces,
and optional type annotations.

AVM+ is also built for modularity. It will be part of the Flash Player,
but is a self-contained module which can be incorporated into other
programs with ease.

Using This Document
This documentation is a reference manual for C++ developers working
with AVM+, either in the context of the Flash Player or in another
application. It can be useful for developers enhancing AVM+
itself, or for developer who wish to understand its internals
in order to better interface with it.

Where To Begin
The avmplus::AvmCore class is the main entry point of the
AVM+ virtual machine, and is probably a good place to start
when trying to comprehend the codebase.

Who To Contact
For questions about AVM+, contact information, and so on please see:


The main class of the AVM+ virtual machine. This is the
main entry point to the VM for running ActionScript code.


VMPI - Virtual Machine Platform Interface
AVMPI - ActionScript Virtual Machine Platform Interface

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