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Merge pull request #1474 from mugmuggy/detectdooronpath2

[RDY] Litter placed before a door was placed was only found on thob checks
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TheCycoONE committed Sep 23, 2018
2 parents 553adf3 + ca22e2d commit 338ea321d69767c20b376775856faede173f5531
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  1. +4 −4 CorsixTH/Lua/humanoid_actions/walk.lua
@@ -206,12 +206,12 @@ local action_walk_tick; action_walk_tick = permanent"action_walk_tick"( function
-- if going to the corridor we don't care as we are at the door
-- as this will be false we won't bother checking for rerouting
recalc_route =
local door = TheApp.objects.door.thob
local door2 = TheApp.objects.swing_door_right.thob
local door =
local door2 =
local doorcheck = {[door] = true, [door2] = true}
-- but we should see if this is the same room id we want to go to and cancel the reroute
-- ensure we still have a door on this route
if recalc_route and (flags_here.thob == door or flags_here.thob == door2 or --is there any door
flags_there.thob == door or flags_there.thob == door2) and -- is there any door
if recalc_route and (, y1, doorcheck) or, y2, doorcheck)) and -- is there any door
map:getCellFlags(path_x[#path_x], path_y[#path_y]).roomId == flags_there.roomId then
recalc_route = false

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