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Normalise lua version detection for cross-platform

This will make it easy to add future versions for all platforms:
* lua5x ??, presumably used by Visual Studio
* lua5.x used by debian-based linux distros
* lua-5.x ??, was there in 5.1
* liblua.5.x.dylib used by homebrew on OS X

The library order should be the same as the include order
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emorrp1 committed Jun 20, 2016
1 parent def56c6 commit 46420b766eb3c92d63c59bef7eac108384a22c04
Showing with 2 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +2 −2 CMake/FindLua.cmake
@@ -26,8 +26,8 @@ IF (WITH_LUAJIT)
SET (LUA_INCLUDE_DIRS include/luajit-2.0 include)
- SET (LUA_LIBRARY_NAME lua53 lua5.2 lua52 lua5.1 lua51 lua lua-5.1 liblua liblua.5.3.dylib)
- SET (LUA_INCLUDE_DIRS include include/lua include/lua5.1 include/lua51 include/lua-5.1 include/lua5.2 include/lua5.3 include/lua-5.3)
+ SET (LUA_LIBRARY_NAME lua53 lua5.3 lua-5.3 liblua.5.3.dylib lua52 lua5.2 lua-5.2 liblua.5.2.dylib lua51 lua5.1 lua-5.1 liblua.5.1.dylib lua liblua)
+ SET (LUA_INCLUDE_DIRS include/lua53 include/lua5.3 include/lua-5.3 include/lua52 include/lua5.2 include/lua-5.2 include/lua51 include/lua5.1 include/lua-5.1 include/lua include)

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