Commits on Feb 16, 2018
  1. Merge pull request #1352 from TheCycoONE/enum_class

    Alberth289346 committed Feb 16, 2018
    Enum modernization
  2. Merge pull request #1349 from tobylane/langdemo

    TheCycoONE committed Feb 16, 2018
    Spaces and newlines in the language files
Commits on Feb 15, 2018
  1. Use enum class for THMapTemperatureDisplay

    TheCycoONE committed Feb 15, 2018
  2. Convert THScaledItems to enum class

    TheCycoONE committed Feb 15, 2018
    Remove explicit definition of values because it is always compared for
  3. Convert eTHLuaMetatable into an enum class

    TheCycoONE committed Feb 14, 2018
    Remove now redundant MT_ prefix
Commits on Feb 14, 2018
  1. Merge pull request #1351 from TheCycoONE/undefined_varargs

    Alberth289346 committed Feb 14, 2018
    Fix undefined behaviour in luaT_setclosure
  2. Fix undefined behaviour in luaT_setclosure

    TheCycoONE committed Feb 14, 2018
Commits on Feb 13, 2018
  1. Merge pull request #1339 from TheCycoONE/out_of_source

    Alberth289346 committed Feb 13, 2018
    FHS and out of source build support
  2. Correct the shortform of chinese traditional

    tobylane committed Feb 10, 2018
Commits on Feb 10, 2018
  1. Merge pull request #1348 from TheCycoONE/heat_issues

    Alberth289346 committed Feb 10, 2018
    Fix temperature diffusion
Commits on Feb 9, 2018
  1. Add instructions for running in Xcode

    TheCycoONE committed Feb 8, 2018
  2. Fix temperature diffusion

    TheCycoONE committed Feb 9, 2018
    Was using unsigned type for node difference, should be ptrdiff_t
  3. Copy dependencies on windows when using install

    TheCycoONE committed Feb 2, 2018
    Works for a make or ninja based build with vcpkg.
  4. Add USE_SOURCE_DATADIRS option incompatible with make install

    TheCycoONE committed Feb 1, 2018
    The new option uses the source directory (wherever it is) for the
    data directory of CorsixTH, which eliminates the need to run from
    a shell script.
  5. Use lowercase name corsix-th on unix.

    TheCycoONE committed Jan 22, 2018
    Apple still uses the same name, but on other UNIX systems the all
    lowercase name is preferred.
Commits on Feb 6, 2018
  1. Merge pull request #1343 from TheCycoONE/dofile_move

    Alberth289346 committed Feb 6, 2018
    Dofile move
Commits on Feb 1, 2018
  1. Use GNU paths on linux

    TheCycoONE committed Jan 19, 2018
    CorsixTH now looks for data files in a directory specified in CMake.
    On unix systems (other than apple) GNU paths are now used.
  2. Specify data dir for msvc

    TheCycoONE committed Jan 17, 2018
    Allow CorsixTH to run from MSVC in out of source builds by specifying the path
    to CorsixTH.lua
  3. Document corsixth.require

    TheCycoONE committed Jan 31, 2018
  4. Rename dofile to corsixth.require

    TheCycoONE committed Jan 25, 2018
    Moves our custom require like function which handles persistence
    to a new corsixth scope to avoid confusion with the built in method.
    The require name is closer to the actual behaviour of the corsixth