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@TheCycoONE TheCycoONE released this Aug 10, 2015 · 973 commits to master since this release

Note: CorsixTH 0.50 requires the Visual Studio 2013 Redistributable which is not included in the installer.

Version 0.50 Release Candidate 2 - released August 2015

Bug Fixes since 0.50 Release Candidate 1

  • On non-native full screen resolution visual artifacts have been removed and zoom now works properly
  • Extraneous .0's have been removed from hospital status tool tips

Changes since 0.50 Release Candidate 1

  • Updates to Norwegian, Simplified Chinese, German, Czech, Dutch, and French translations.

Windows XP is no longer a supported operating system. The version of CorsixTH included with the installer will not run on that operating system. Windows XP users are advised to upgrade their operating system or continue running 0.40. Producing your own build for Windows XP is still possible at this time but we will not fix bugs specifically related to that operating system.

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