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@TheCycoONE TheCycoONE released this Aug 30, 2015 · 1147 commits to master since this release

Note: CorsixTH 0.50 requires the Visual Studio 2013 Redistributable which is not included in the installer.

Version 0.50 - released August 2015

The majority of changes in this update have been done under the hood.
Most of our third-party libraries have been updated, and especially Windows users will notice that there is now only one CorsixTH executable now. No more "which one should I use if I want zoom?"!

User Experience

  • Added: Scroll speed can be configured in config.txt.
  • Added: Lua version in the window caption.
  • Change: Midi tracks are now played in the order they appear in MIDI.txt
  • Change: Updated translations for most languages
  • Change: Rendering engine is now determined automatically. Use SDL_RENDER_DRIVER environment variable to override the default.
  • Fix: Potential crash from Esc-press before main menu.
  • Fix: Audio stutter in certain movies.
  • Fix: The game could sometimes crash when a movie had finished.
  • Fix: handling of backspace and arrow keys in text boxes.
  • Fix: Invalid path generated by font selector on linux
  • Fix: Several crashes involving map bounds checks (dragging a blueprint, placing a staff member)


  • Added: Warning about untreatable diseases when the disease is enabled in the level file but the room is not.
  • Change: Do not change the selected condition in drug casebook when new diseases are researched.
  • Fix: Crash when trying to play certain sounds from e.g. the French version.
  • Fix: Patients could in some circumstances get really confused and try to exit
    a room without putting any clothes on.
  • Fix: Crash on the status report when there are no patients.
  • Fix: Crash when editing room that litter has been dropped in.
  • Fix: Crash when sending patients to the autopsy room and then building the needed room first
  • FIx: Infinite loop condition in tryToFindNearbyPatients.

Animation Viewer

  • Added: A vertical scroll bar to the sprite display.

CorsixTH development

  • We have moved to newer versions of a lot of libraries, most notably
    SDL 1.2 -> SDL 2 and added support for Lua 5.2 and Lua 5.3.
  • New ready-to-use Eclipse Workspace.
  • Debugging Lua code using DBGp has been added. See
    the Wiki for more information.
  • The Windows Installer now uses NSIS 3.0 and only produces one executable
    since SDL 2 handles renderer itself.
  • Framework for Busted Unit Tests in Lua.
  • Support for custom graphics has been improved.
  • LibAV is supported as an alternative to FFMpeg. FFMpeg is still recommended.

For a full list of changes, see the git log.

Windows XP is no longer a supported operating system. The version of CorsixTH included with the installer will not run on that operating system. Windows XP users are advised to upgrade their operating system or continue running 0.40. Producing your own build for Windows XP is still possible at this time but we will not fix bugs specifically related to that operating system.

The Map Editor is not included in 0.50 due to incompatibilities with the engine change. We hope to have a new improved map editor available in a future release. In the mean time we suggest that level designers copy their full 0.40 install to another location before installing 0.50.

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