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@TheCycoONE TheCycoONE released this May 29, 2016

Note: CorsixTH 0.60 for Windows requires the Visual Studio 2015 Redistributable which is not included in the installer. This is not the same version that was required for CorsixTH 0.50

Highlights from this release include:

  • User campaigns - It is now possible to create a series of levels that play together just like the original game.
  • In game map editor - A new map editor is available directly from the game menu.
  • Drug price impact - Patients will now react to the price you set for treatments. If treatments cost too much patients will opt to go home instead and this can affect your reputation.
  • Variable spawn rate - The spawn rate will now take into account your hospital's reputation (after a date set in the level file.)
  • Machine smoke is now visible when machines are close to worn out.
  • Right clicking the timer is now supported like in the original game for moving to affected patients - See issue #882 for details.
  • Numpad support - The number pad can now be used to move around the map when numlock is off, or to type numbers when numlock is on, without side effects.
  • The MP3 folder can now be unset from within the game. Previously after setting an mp3 folder it could only be removed by editing the config file by hand.
  • Uses the proper cursor for resizing rooms.
  • Bins can now be placed in the hallways.
  • Temperature impact has been tweaked. The initial grace period has been removed and the overall impact has been softened.
  • Custom maps can now be stored in a user directory separate from the levels shipped with the game.

Notable bug fixes:

  • Free build mode is now truly free - rooms used to cost money in this mode.
  • In game movies will now work correctly on more hardware.
  • Sound effects are no longer played when sound is disabled.
  • VIP rewards have been tweaked to closer match expectations when the impression is mediocre.
  • Crash when a patient is selected while they walk off the map is fixed.
  • A room built next to an unowned parcel no longer loses its wall when the parcel is bought.
  • Beta 1 regression that caused fired staff to continue to be paid has been patched.
  • Beta 1 regression that caused the last cured emergency patient not to count has been patched.
  • King complex patients only pay for their cure once.
  • Patients will notice when a room they are waiting for becomes available.
  • Properly load saves with more than one object on a tile.
  • Do not get stuck in an infinite loop when no disease is available to spawn.

Promotional Video

ICorsixTH 0.60 Preview Video


  • Experimental builds are available attached to #1121
  • Can be installed through Homebrew: brew install corsixth
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