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@TheCycoONE TheCycoONE released this Apr 14, 2019 · 1 commit to master since this release

Note: CorsixTH 0.63 for Windows requires the Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2017

New Features

  • Game music now supports ogg, flac, wav, aiff, voc, and mod in addition to mp3 and mid/xmi tracks.
  • No more hunting for that machine that's always breaking down. Save your camera position with ALT+number, and restore with CTRL+number.
  • Announcements are now queued to play one after another instead of overlapping.
  • New man page for unix like operating systems.
  • Fax message improvements.
  • Hotkey configuration! All hotkeys in the game are now configurable from within a new option in the settings menu.
  • Configure the scroll and zoom speed in game.
  • Improved mouse 'release' behaviour. Release mouse (CTRL+F10 by default) now always releases the mouse, so the game will not scroll when moving out of the window. Clicking in the game window causes the game to recognize the mouse again.

Bug Fixes

  • Handymen now know where to find machines that have been moved.
  • Fix crashes that happen when staff are killed in exploding rooms.
  • Open file leak in the file tree dialogs.
  • Autopsy machine can only be 'discovered' once.
  • Fix issue with staff getting stuck in rooms that support multiple staff.
  • Fix position of patients dragged in the room queue while a staff is waiting for the door, or a patient is waiting to leave.
  • Pathfinding has been improved.

For a full list of changes see v0.62...v0.63-beta1

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