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CorsixTH 0.67

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@TheCycoONE TheCycoONE released this 12 Aug 14:21
· 186 commits to master since this release

16/08/23: MP3 playback was not working in our first macOS Release, this has been fixed and the DMG has been replaced.
13/03/24. Signed macOS builds for Apple Silicon and 64-bit Intel Macs are now available, packaging handled by Mac Source Ports
12/04/24. Music playback in macOS builds now fixed.

New Features/Enhancements

  • The backend code for MIDI playback has been changed on Windows and real pause logic
    has been re-enabled. Please be aware that things such as application volume and audio
    quality may change depending on your configuration from ≤0.66
  • The original demo gameplay video now plays when the CorsixTH main menu is idle (this
    can be disabled in the configuration file)
  • File browser menus now have an OK button (at last!)
  • Selecting an existing file in the Save Game/Map browsers will now update the text
    input box to that file name


  • Handymen now always stay in their assigned plots, except when going to rest
  • Staff members now have a maximum salary, which can be configured in custom levels
  • The game will now always use the GP's choice of next diagnosis room for the patient,
    if available
  • Queueing patients are now shown when hovering a door
  • Epidemics can no longer fail because an infected patient left before the epidemic was
  • Balance changes to drug improvement research
  • Check for updates can now be disabled in Settings
  • Check for updates timeout duration significantly reduced
  • "Pause" now shows up when the "Build while paused" setting is on and the game is paused.
  • The gamelog file now includes a timestamp
  • Support for detecting Theme Hospital game files from an EA Store install
  • Many, many, refactors of the code to make it better to understand for future developers
  • Contact methods to reach the CorsixTH Team have been updated


  • Chinese Traditional and Simplified translations have been updated. Thanks @lokpro
  • Russian has been updated. Thanks Matt1

Bug Fixes

  • The windows installer was unintentionally defaulting CorsixTH to full screen.
  • Fixed an instance where objects could disappear from the map
  • Fixed a bug where the empty action queue message was prevented from happening
  • Fixed a bug where dying patients became undead and would have a habit of ruining everything
  • Fixed broken dynamic info during epidemics
  • Handymen will no longer try to repair machinery while a patient is using it
  • Psychiatrist couch has less chance of causing blocked paths
  • Roujin's challenge is now properly applied (read: harder)
  • Serious Radiation is no longer contagious
  • Room blueprints can no longer go beyond external walls
  • Fixed incorrect button sounds in the Staff Management window
  • Fixed back button behaviour in Font Picker
  • Fixed a bug where word-wrapping text on dialogs could crash the game
  • Fixed a rare case where the next VIP date may be scheduled in the past
  • Fixed a rare case where awarded research points could be negative
  • Fixed a rare case of the balance sheet being victim of a green highlighter

Packager Notes

  • Option added to build CLI tools for RNC decoding