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CorsixTH_v0.61_Windows_Portable.zip is now available as a version of CorsixTH that can be run on Windows systems without administrative rights or the use of an installer. It contains all of it's dependencies and can simply be extracted and run. This package is experimental, please report any issues.

Note: CorsixTH 0.61 for Windows requires the Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2017 which is not included in the installer. This is not the same version that was required for CorsixTH 0.60. Links to download the Redistributable are at the bottom of this announcement.

Player Release Highlights

  • Mouse capture support. Now by default the mouse will be captured in its window. You can use CTRL-F10 to temporarily toggle the mouse capture state, or disable it in the config file.
  • Added multigesture movement and zoom for supported devices.
  • Fix for broken pathfinding involving the removal of side objects such as benches and radiators.
  • Allow objects to be built on top of litter and rat holes.
  • Fix for game error when handymen attempted to clean removed litter.
  • Can now click and hold to quickly change handyman priorities.
  • Significant map editor performance improvement when selecting multiple tiles.
  • If the config option to allow playing while paused is enabled, you can now make use of the bottom panel.
  • Fixed several bugs relating to the mood displays for staff and patients.
  • Rooms can now be built over top of trash.
  • Rat holes will now appear in dirty hospitals. Unfortunately the rats themselves are still hiding away.
  • Earthquakes now behave more like in Theme Hospital. A warning earthquake that does no damage will come first so that you can get ready for the big one. The damage calculations and visual effect have also been redone to be closer to the original game.
  • The game window can now be resized by dragging the edges.
  • We now avoid overlapping graph labels so all labels are readable.
  • Many many many bug fixes.

Packager Notes

  • Still compatible with all the same runtime dependencies as 0.60
  • For Windows this release includes:
    • ffmpeg 3.3.3
    • freetype 2.8
    • lpeg 1.0.1
    • lua 5.3.4
    • luafilesystem
    • luasocket 2017-05-25 git version
    • sdl2-mixer 2.0.2
    • sdl2 2.0.7

Visual C++ Redistributable