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Testing Builds

Stephen E. Baker edited this page Nov 13, 2017 · 9 revisions

AppVeyor Windows Builds (MSVC 2013)

64bit Windows Builds are generated for each commit and pull request to CorsixTH. To download the build click the desired build, click on the Artifacts tab and download CorsixTH\ These builds are shipped with everything necessary to run except the Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime For Visual Studio 2017. AppVeyor Build History

Travis CI Windows Builds (Mingw-w64) - No longer updated!

32bit Mingw-w64 Windows Builds were previously generated for each commit to the CorsixTH master branch, the build reports are available here and the actual builds up until September 2015 here. NOTE: look for the commit number in the report e.g. a7da0b7 as this will form part of the zip file name.

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