☕ A PLUGIN to Extend PMMP's Functionality without completely changing it.
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A Massive PocketMine-MP plugin designed and is aiming to extend PMMP's functionalities (Without completely changing it) to Make it more Vanilla-Like.

I wouldn't provide any support for using other branches of the plugin. They're still under development and very experimental. I won't be held responsible for any damages or corruptions that occured by using unsupported branches.

A/N: If you don't like it / hate it, Then don't even bother using it. It's that simple... TeaSpoon was made for those who need it. 😉

Contributions are very welcome 😄
You may contribute by opening a Pull Request and if it has been proven to be correct & working, I'll surely merge it.

Discord Group to 'talk-to-a-human-for-support' and for questions

Keep the project alive!

Help keep me motivated into making this massive thing... Maintaining it is sometimes a pain and I only find it a waste of time to update something I don't get anything in return for :/ I hope you all can understand. You can donate here: Donate


Installation is easy, Just download the latest phar from Poggit then put it to your ./plugins/ folder. Restart your server. And you're basically done. This plugin will only work on stable PMMP releases, Any issues regarding 4.0.0 (development builds) will be closed

Issue Reporting

  • ALWAYS use the LATEST PocketMine-MP Build to use this plugin
  • Remove any plugins that may interfere with TeaSpoon's current features (if the feature cannot be disabled in the config.yml file)
  • Including the "Steps to Reproduce" in the issue report would be really helpful in fixing bugs.
  • To help me determine why the issue occurs, including the TeaSpoonDump from /bugreport lets me view all the necessary server information to easily determine incompatibility issues and mis-configuration issues. Privacy Concerns? You can check the code for yourself here ;)
  • The only supported branch is PMMP's 'master' branch. Issues regarding other branches will be closed.



    For now, you can use PureEntitiesX while disabling entities.register in TeaSpoon's Configuration File.

Redstone System:

    Being worked on... 😉


Finished & Planned Features

  • Worlds
  • Dimensions
    • Nether Dimension
    • End Dimension
    • Fully Functional Nether Portal Frame and Block
    • Funtional END_PORTAL Block (Portal Soon)
  • Weather System
  • Temperature System
  • Blocks
    • EndPortal
    • Portal (Nether Portal Block)
    • DragonEgg
    • Beacon
    • SlimeBlock
    • Vanilla-Like MobSpawner (Credits: XenialDan)
    • Working Shulker Boxes
    • Hoppers
    • (somewhat working) Anvils [needs fix] // Handling is translated from NukkitX
    • Enchantment Tables // Handling is translated from NukkitX
    • SnowLayer (Affected by rain and temperature)
    • Pumpkin / Jack o' Lantern (Spawns Golems)
    • Brewing Stand
    • Cauldron
  • Items
    • Vanilla Enchants (Progress: 98% | Credits to TheAz928 for some of the values)
    • Armor Damage
    • Armor Stands
    • FireCharge
    • Fully Functional Elytra Wings
    • Fully Functional Fireworks (Credits to XenialDan for 45% of it)
    • Lingering Potions (Credits: ClearSkyTeam)
    • Chorus Fruit (with customizable Delay)
    • FishingRod (Fully working Fishing System)
    • Vanilla-Like "Instant-Armor-Equipment"
    • Lightning Rods
    • Dragon Breath
    • Trident
  • Entities & Mobs
    • XP Drops
    • Projectiles
      • Tipped Arrows
      • LingeringPotion
    • Entities
      • Lightning
      • EndCrystal
    • Mobs
      • Bat
      • Blaze
      • CaveSpider
      • Chicken
      • Cow
      • Creeper
        • Charged Creepers
        • Ignited Creepers
      • Donkey
      • ElderGuardian
      • EnderDragon
      • Enderman
      • Endermite
      • Evoker
      • Ghast
      • Guardian
      • Horse
      • Husk
      • IronGolem
      • Llama
      • MagmaCube
      • Mooshroom
      • Mule
      • Ocelot
      • Parrots
      • Pig
      • PolarBear
      • Rabbit
      • Sheep
      • Shulker
      • Silverfish
      • Skeleton
      • Skeleton Horse
      • Slime
      • SnowGolem (Affected by Rain & Temperature)
      • Spider
      • Stray
      • Vex
      • Vindicator
      • Witch
      • Wither
      • WitherSkeleton
      • Wolf
      • Zombie Horse
      • Zombie Pigman
      • Zombie Villager
  • Commands
    • More Vanilla-Like /kill command (Not perfect)
    • World Command
    • Clear Command
    • PlaySound Command
  • Mechanics
    • Swimming
  • Utils
    • TextFormat::center like PC or MiNET. (Credits: Turanic)
      More to do...