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Indeterminate music. Scipting language and web audio engine in javascript

	"title": "Litany of Regrets",
	"mp3": "litanyofregrets.mp3",
	"artist": "Krallice",
	"total_length": 819.0,
	"sections": {
		"most_of_the_song": {"start": 0, "duration": 663.958},
		"end_1": {"duration": 4.622, "start": 663.958}, 
		"end_2": {"duration": 4.545, "start": 668.58},
		"end_3": {"duration": 4.576, "start": 673.125},
		"end_4": {"duration": 4.491, "start": 677.701},
		"end_5": {"duration": 4.486, "start": 682.192}, 
		"end_6": {"duration": 4.438, "start": 686.678},
		"end_7": {"duration": 4.366, "start": 691.116}, 
		"end_exit": {"duration": 4.249, "start": 695.482},
		"rest_of_the_song": {"duration": 119.269, "start": 699.731}
	"version": "mazemetal0.01", /* version of file standard and scripting language; keep track of this for backwards compatibility */
	"machine": {
		/* main is the primary f that runs. 
			An f is a series of commands separated by semicolon. (inspired by assembly) 
			They execute top to bottom.
			When main gets to the bottom, the machine and the music terminates.

				label label_name
					name curent location in script, so we can jump to it.

				goto label_name
					jump to label
				goto label_name 0.3
				  jump to label 30% of the time (else continue 70% of the time)
			  goto L1 0.5 L2 0.5
					jump to L1 half the time, jump to L2 half the time 
				goto A 0.1 B 0.15
					jump to A 10% of the time, jump to B 15% of the time (else continue 75% of the time)
				goto X 0.6, Y 0.6, Z 0.6
				  error: sum of probabilities > 1.0

				play section_name
					play the audio (whose start and duration are defined above inside "sections"), continue when completed

				f script_name
					jump to the subroutine (defined inside "machine"); when completed jump back here 

					end the music, end the machine

				Advanced stuff----

					Stack Overflow
						There is a subroutine stack. 
						Calling f adds a subroutine to the stack. 
						Exiting a subroutine pops it from the stack. 
						If you go too deeply you may get "stack overflow".
					Label Scope 
						labels are scoped only within the subroutine they were defined.
					f main
						It is possible to call "f main", and for a subroutine to call itself. Warning: may cause stackoverflow 

					label names and f names must be only: [A-Za-z0-9_] 
					Everything is case-insensitive. 


		"main": "
		  label L1
			play end_1
			label L2
			play end_2
			goto L1 0.5
			label L3
			play end_3
			goto L2 0.5
			label L4
			play end_4
			goto L3 0.5
			label L5
			play end_5
			goto L4 0.5
			label L6
			play end_6
			goto L5 0.5 
			f end7repeat
			play end_exit
			play rest_of_the_song
			label return

		"end7repeat": "
			label end7
			play end_7
			goto end7 0.9


Indeterminate music. Scipting language and web audio engine in javascript




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