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I have temporarily taken this app off of the Play Store. I will be rewriting it in Flutter eventually for iOS and Android


I created this open-source, mostly ad-free app not for money but because I saw a problem that needed solving. Ironically, programming the app that was meant to help me not stay up too late kept me up more times than it helped me sleep but I am extremely satisfied with the end product. There are definitely things that need improvement (please don't look at SettingsFragment, it is a nightmare. That is the next thing on my to-do list for next release), but overall it turned out very nice. I encourage you to look at the source code of this app and see if you can improve anything. I would be thrilled if even one person compiled my code from scratch and tried to contribute to this project.

Get it on F-Droid Get it on Google Play

If you do contribute to or help translate this app, email me at with proof and I will give you a promo code to unlock advanced options in the app for free.

Help translate the app:

Visit my website:

View the license:

View the privacy policy:

View the credits:

Support me

Ethereum address: 0x8eFF5600A23708EFa475Be2C18892c9c0C43373B


Google Pay:

Compile Instructions (very important!)

UPDATE: to simply compile and use the app without doing any of the below, switch to the degoogled f-droid branch here: The below instructions are still applicable if you wish to compile and make changes to the master branch for whatever reason. I will be maintaining features across both branches so PRs to either branch will make it to both.

For obvious reasons, I left out the secret keys used in admob and the google play billing library. This makes the compiling the app as-is impossible. To solve this problem, I have gone through and put simple comments instructing what to comment out/remove throughout the app to make it compile. To find all of these, just search the app files for "COMPILE INSTRUCTIONS". All of the comments start with that little blurb to make finding them easy.

Things to Investigate

  • Look in to developing an iOS version of the app. Light surveying has shown high demand for this app


1.2.+ (Quality of Life Updates):

To Do

Boring, I know, but it does need to be done because this app doesn't really follow best practices well.

See the NativeDialogPrompt file for an example of how I am refactoring the app. I'm going to make it very readable and easy to contribute and maintain. Additionally, code refactoring is being worked on in the "code-refactor" branch before being pushed to master.

  • Convert notifications to using OneTimeWorkRequests and PeriodicWorkRequests (they are apparently way more reliable than alarms)

  • Create localized screenshots for supported languages in play store listing (partially done)

  • Rewrite settings to use a custom layout vs Android settings library

  • Put app settings in categories to make it more intuitive

  • Change summaries for settings disabled by other settings to reflect why they are disabled (for example if auto do not disturb is disabled, change the summary of the interval setting to something like "auto do not disturb is disabled")


  • Add prompt similar to ratings prompt if the user is using an unsupported language. Suggest that they can help contribute translations

  • Add dialog like the rating dialog that appears after 10 days of use or so if the user hasn't purchased the advanced options. Gently suggest that the user can purchase the advanced options to help support development of the app

  • Enable title bar (and the back button that goes with it) to the settings screen. Some users got confused here

  • Set auto do not disturb to false if do not disturb access is not granted, and do the same for smart notifications with usage access (they can sometimes be enabled by restoring data from the play store even if permission is not granted). There is protection to stop crashes from this but it isn't clear to the user

  • Move all string resources to string value xml file, replace preference updating by creating a new string with two separate strings and adding them together around the value. Basically just make the app easy to translate to other languages by the community just by adding localized string values

  • Change default bedtime to something slightly more sensible

  • Edit all icons to remove the two-tone design, make them all simple and flat

1.3 (Major Feature Update):

To Do

  • Add separare bedtimes for weekdays and weekends (perhaps have an interface like the clock app which lets you add bedtimes much like alarms. Then have the ability to select which days it is active)

  • Revamp custom notifications screen, allow user to have infinite custom notifications. Also instead of having like "Notification 1, Notification 2" have a header saying custom notifications and simply list them, allowing more to fit on screen

  • Add app shortcut for go to sleep early feature

  • General performance optimizations


Future Feature Suggestions:

  • Put this in somewhere... (

  • Add icons to about screen

  • Remove hours countdown when it is 0 possibly

  • Add sleep tracking. Perhaps as a direct competitor to Sleep as Android

  • Use only vector files vs png if possible

  • Animate stars to gently blink

  • Animate moon and stars to fade away as the sun rises

  • Animate background to shift color as the day gets brighter

  • AMOLED black theme option (maybe in premium category? idk)

  • Automatic day/night mode

  • Refactor styles xml and possibly colors xml so that they are better organized/labelled and more compatible with everything

  • Refactor preferences code to reduce dependence on 3rd party libraries

  • Add background themeing (maybe)


  • Native translation contribution screen and central database to help along adoption of many languages without expensive translation services


An Android app that helps you manage a healthy sleep schedule. Licensed under the GPLv3 license




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