An alternative to the terrible native NOHS Stampede App
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This project has been unpublished from the Play Store and further development ceased due to me not attending the school any longer and being unable to support it. I will leave the code here just for archival purposes. This was the first app I ever made.


This is an alternative to the NOHS Stampede official app. Compared to the official Stampede app, this app is:

  • Smaller (roughly 10x smaller app size)
  • More modern (app targets Android O and supports advanced battery optimizations)
  • Actively developed
  • Smarter (Daily classes are displayed front and center)
  • Faster (Important data is saved, allowing the app to not need to reload everything on every launch)

Play store link:

Planned features

  • Auto-renewal for Edge classes (given that the class is present every week, like study hall or something)
  • Pretty much anything you want, make requests to with subject title "NOHS Edge Feature Request".