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As seen on TV

Player Tracking & Goal Alignment

This program keeps track of player location on the court and points the basketball returner towards the player, allowing them to retrieve it after shooting

#To-do -Create dummy programs that will just transmit values so the mastertracking code can be tested fully

Development tools used


Allows the finding of generalized location of where a basketball hit on the backboard of a basketball goal. This code is being developed to allow blind people to play basketball.


Legacy IR tracking methods can be found in the 'legacy' branch now


Tool provided in folder to measure voltages from the analog pin a sensor is connected to. Tracking code is independant of this file. In other words, this isn't needed to run the main code.


To enable debugging (only on median code for now) hit control+F, find "//deb:", leave the replace field blank, and click replace all. Check serial monitor for debugging info