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Quantum Utils for MATLAB

This is the README file for the MATLAB version of the quantum-utils library. This library includes MATLAB classes and functions which are related to quantum information computation.


  1. In MATLAB, navigate the current directory to your quantum-utils-matlab folder (GUI: use the "current folder" dialogue on the left hand side; command line: cd /path/to/quantum-utils/matlab).

  2. Run the install.m file (ie just type install and press enter). If your installation of MATLAB is on a protected portion of your hard disk, you will need the root/administrative password. All install.m does is add the complete path of your quantum-utils-matlab/src folder to its permanent list of known MATLAB paths, such that you won't need to add the path everytime you start up matlab. You can verify that the installation was correct by typing path and checking that the quantum-utils-matlab/src folder is present.


All MATLAB code in this library should be self-documenting. This means that the documentation for a particular function or class will be right in the matlab file itself. Now, when you type, for example,

>> doc ptrace

a window should pop up with a description of what the ptrace function does, and perhaps an example or two as well.

To see how to do this when you add your own files, compare, for example, the output of doc ptrace with the ptrace.m file. You just have to put your comments in the right spot. Similar for classes.


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