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BotMaker for Discord

node.js dependencies

Make your own Discord audio-playing bot with ease!

Make an audio-playing bot for Discord (like Airhorn Solutions) without messing with any source code! All you have to do is put all your audio files into a single folder, write up a config.json, and run the bot. There's really nothing to it.

This is what your config.json might look like:

  "prefix":"bot ",
  "game":"\"bot help\" for help",
  "description":"This is a bot using the example config file. In other words, it probably doesn't do much.",
      "description":"This command accepts an argument.",
          "description":"an argument that can be passed."
          "description":"this argument only plays one audio file."
      "description":"This command takes no arguments."

If you don't have a token yet, you will need to create a bot account here. After you've done that, you can invite your bot to a server by going to, where CLIENTID is your bot application's client ID (NOT THE TOKEN).

Once you have your config.json, you can start BotMaker using npm start

When you are ready to try it out, clone this repository, do an npm install, write your config.json, and finally npm start. If you are feeling extra lazy, you can grab some setup scripts from the releases page. Note that these scripts require you to already have git and node ready to go.

make and g++ is necessary for installing BotMaker's dependencies.

Having Issues?

Just let me know here on GitHub. I'll take care of it as soon as I have a chance.



Build the image: docker build . -t botmaker


  • In the config, set "directory": "sounds"
  • Move your config.json to ./config/config.json
  • Move your sounds to ./sounds/


Start container: docker run --rm -v $(pwd)/config:/usr/src/botmaker/config -v $(pwd)/sounds:/usr/src/botmaker/sounds -it botmaker