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Fast PlayCoin

This is a fork of PlayCoin (The CIA Version). The only difference is it automatically adds 300 play coins without waiting for user input, then it exits. I just think it's silly to have a menu to deal with when most users probably just want to max out their play coins.

What it is?

Allows to modify the 3DS's Play Coins counter, in other words providing infinite Play Coins.

Usage is self-explanatory, just open the app and wait for your 300 coins. No more than 300 coins can be held at a time, this is a system limit.


To compile, you'll need DEVKITARM with DevkitARM and a recent commit of buildtools in this path. Just run make and you can find the compiled files in the out folder.

Note: buildtools/make_base:44: *** "Please set DEVKITPPC in your environment. export DEVKITPPC=<path to>devkitPPC". Stop. make.exe": *** [all] Error 2 is a normal error.