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A simple Node module for broadcasting UDP messages to a list of subscribers!

I couldn't find anything that did what I wanted so I made my own.



const UdpBroadcast = require('udp-broadcast').server;

let udpbroadcast = new UdpBroadcast({
    port: 2278,
    host: '',
    timeout: 15000

udpbroadcast.addEventListener('message', (message) => {console.log(message)});

udpbroadcast.send('Hello, everyone.');

udpbroadcast.send({timestamp: new Date().getTime(), message: 'Greetings.'});


const UdpClient = require('udp-broadcast').client;

let udpclient = UdpClient({
    port: 3616,
    host: '',
    heartbeat: 7500‬

udpclient.on('message', (message) => {console.log(message)});, id) => {
        udpclient.send('Hello to you, too.');

Custom Client

In order to implement a client for udp-broadcast, it must communicate using the following, easy to implement protocol:

Client sends { "id": -1 }

Server responds with { "id": x } where x is the id that the client must use for all messages until it closes its connection.

Client sends { "id": x } every y seconds, where y is strictly less than the timeout being used by the server.

When a message must be sent back to the server, the format for the message is { "id": x, "message": "this is the body of the message." }.

Messages sent from the broadcast server don't get formatted so it's up to you to find out whether to expect plain text or JSON.