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Frequently Asked Questions

This document is currently being revised, so please check back for updates.

Why Open Source?

Many people wonder why something so sensitive and possibly controversial would be developed so openly. After all, doesn't this expose this to people being hacked?

First, open-source software increases the quality of the codebase, and can be more secure.

Let's say this project was privately developed, and we currently have 1 developer working on the project (Me). In essence, the thousands of people who would be using this tool would be placing all their trust in my technical abilities to make something secure.

That's a lot of pressure, and I'm not that good. :-)

I would never recommend people put that much trust in me. However, with an open-source project. The code created is open for other experts to audit, critique, and point out vulnerabilities.

With open-source software, instead of having to trust a few unknown developers, you are trusting a community of developers that are monitoring, auditing, finding issues, and helping fix them.

This is the power of open-source software.

I'm a developer, how can I help?

Awesome! Let me know by submitting an issue on this repo, or commenting on an issue you want to work on.

I'm a translator, how can I help?

If you would like to volunteer as a translator, please let us know by creating an issue in the repository.

I'm not a coder, how can I help?

Thanks for wanting to help! Please check out the pages for non-coders in the sidebar, and reach out to us on Gitter with how you want to contribute.

Will you charge for this?

No. There is no monetization strategy for this. And we don't plan on running ads, since they track a lot of information.

We will have to run on donations and volunteer time. We're currently discussing how to make this sustainable.

Do you accept donations?

We will need money to pay for hosting and online infrastructure. However, we're still figuring out how to set that up in a way that is transparent.

How will the verified report reach the local communities impacted by the sweeps/raids?

The current plan for the Miminum Viable Product (MVP) is to have the alerts delivered by SMS, and/or by push notifications delivered through a mobile app.

Who will send “verified” alerts to those who have signed up to the service? Will this be an automatic process or human-managed/vetted/supervised?

We're currently working with advocacy groups and legal organizations to determine the processes for reporter verification and for verifying and sending out alerts.

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