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This project has 3 goals:

  1. Crowdsource data on ICE activity
  2. Provide a platform for verification of crowdsourced data
  3. Deliver alerts as securely as possible.


It used to be that you would only hear of tools like this being built in fascist countries or countries where oppression of the masses was prevalent.

One never thought of it being necessary to build tools to fight oppression in a massive scale in the United States.

Well, we are in such times now.

While this tool is meant to serve undocumented people, it may be necessary later on to expand the scope of this to other targeted groups. In fact, other 'classes' of people are already inhumanely targeted in the United States. People of color in the U.S. have always lived under harsher state violence that the rest of society. This tool could conceivably be used to help PoC (People of Color) as well.


A web-based version of RedadAlertas will launch in the summer of 2017.


This project will be launch as a mobile first web application that people can access through their smartphones.

People will be able to report raids from this web app, and look up info on verified raids.

Tech Stack

The front-end will be built using React.js. There will be a separate server that will handle the api calls and database.

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