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Flash Cards

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A minimal react app which helps you prepare for GRE by improving your vocabulary.

It uses soothing, and aesthetically pleasing color combinations present in nature (thanks canva!) to improve concenteration, and is redundatly minimal to immerse the user and divert all the focus on the words. A modern twist on the age old tradition of using physcial flash cards to learn words.


Just click on a card to find the meaning of the word on it, accompanied by an example sentence which uses the word. Use the Draw Card to get more words!

How to run


The app is live on netlify.

Using the heroku deployment

The app is live on heroku.

Setting up locally

  • clone the repository or download it as zip, and navigate to the project directory.
  • run npm install to install all the dependencies in the project.
  • Start the app using npm start.
  • All set! Browse at localhost:3000.


  • Fancy react.js ? Feel free to send a PR to improve anything.
  • A vocabulary genius? Help others! The words are retrieved using a firebase database but a static list is maintained inside src/Data/Cards.json. Feel free to add more words to it!