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Starlight is an ansi color theme focused on usability.

It was made after I made the discovery1 that I have a color perception deficiency: I have trouble differentiating between hues of blue (a greater one than the average person, making it impossible for me to read typical default blue text on black backgrounds). I also have a mild deficiency along the same lines for red, but not nearly as bad. I set out to make a high contrast theme that would work for me (a non-normative survey helped discover that some others have no issues with this content, while a few others do still struggle, but due to not struggling as much as I do, they simply live with it).

This repository is me sharing it.

You can find the exact rgb data in colors/ Other files inside of colors/*.sh are generators for various applications I use. The goal is for me to only need to modify colors/ and the explanation/implementation section whenever I make adjustments.




You can find a list of things using starlight in the USERS file.


  • All base colors (black, red, green, yellow, blue, magenta, cyan, white) should be easily uniquely identifiable.
  • Bright variants should be identifiable side by side, but do not need to be uniquely identifiable.
  • Text in any color (except black) should be legible on the black, even when not bold.

See the CHANGELOG to see implementation details.

As Template

A lot of the tooling present is usable as a template for other ansi color schemes. To use it this way, modify and set your own colors, re-using all of the other scripts as-is. Don't forget to add a screenshot to data/ and modify the README!


  1. I now have an actual diagnosis: tritanomaly. It's sufficiently rare that health professionals where I live do not screen for it when checking for colorblindness.