The Gecko Code for the new Chaos Edition
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The Gecko Code for the new Chaos Edition

You will need the European version of the game! Simply right click the game in Dolphin's game list and click "Edit Config". Add the cheat code with the $-comment beneath "[GECKO]" (add "[GECKO]" if it's not there, neglect the quotation marks). Tick the code's checkBox GECKO-Tab. Change the CPU clock speed to 150% under general settings. Once the game is launched open the gfx confic window and close it to fix a graphical bug of dolphin. The new version consists of a cheat code because there's not enough static padding inside the .dol and it's easier to edit. This includes a code by Dybbles to skip the tedious intro, Ralf's codes to change the arrows' velocity and to enhance the wind effect and some codes by codejunkies. All other codes belong to me. This Chaos Edition can be considered as finished now. But I will add some improvements later. (I think it misses our random Phantom Ganon)