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Introduction to Python

Author: Samuel Farrens
Year: 2017

The objective of this tutorial is to provide a first look at Python for beginners. The level is aimed at individuals with little or no experience whatsoever with Python. Experienced users are unlikely to benefit from this tutorial.

This tutorial is comprised of a series of Jupyter notebooks with simple demonstrations and exercises.

All code blocks are provided in Python (support for >=3.5) and the number of external packages required to run the examples has be kept to a minimum. All of the code has been clearly presented inside the notebook at least once to avoid the use of any "black boxes" for solving the problems presented.


In order to run the tutorial notebooks tutees will need to have the following installed:

All of the packages listed above can easily be installed using either pip or Anaconda.


$ pip install numpy scipy astropy matplotlib jupyter


$ conda install numpy scipy astropy matplotlib jupyter


  1. Table of Contents
  2. Native Python
  3. Numpy
  4. Matplotlib
  5. Other Packages
  6. Answers to Exercises
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