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* ARM (Kudzu + Christopher)
-XSharp.Asm.x86/ARM and XSharp.Asm base
XSharp.x86.Assemblers ^^^
* Assembler bin/nasm base (Kudzu)
-Merge Assemblers in
* .xsproj (Kudzu)
-Use .json if allowed
-replication of xsc args - then args can override if specified wtih .xsproj to xsc
* Colorizer (Charles)
-TS for now - we have bigger fish to fry
* Get Each .asm emitting same as Gen1 (Kudzu + Charles)
-Swap out G1 for G2 in Cosmos.
-Eliminate G1
* F5 build and run (Qujak?)
-Build files
-Share code from Cosmos, move into XSharp.Tools
* DebugStub (Kudzu)
-Share with IL2CPU and Cosmos
* Promotion (Kudzu)
* LSP RPC server
* Future Colorizer notes
-based on existing parser so changes are reflected without copying or translation
-.xs files in VS Code editor