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=================== 2018 Short List ===================

===== VS Code =====
*For now, use X# core as is for integration. We will return to X# itself after.
*Notion of an X# project
-xsconfig.json (VS Code version of .xsproj)
-CompilerOptions (Future, nothing yet)
-Exclude files
-Include dir
-Bochs - First
-VMWare and Hyper-V later
-Libs for this are already in Cosmos. Should be separated into new project and moved down into X# repo.
-Normally we should use a separate repo, but 3 is already enough so common stuff we are putting in X# since the other 2 need it.
-Ability to install as an extension via Extensions gallery
*XSC allow local overrides
-Language Service Protocol Support
*Syntax highlighting
-Code formatting
Other build targets
-windows exe, obj other...

-For XSC, building all parts of X# itself, we stay VS for now.... ie VS code is for X# use.. not dev of X# project itself.... maybe later we will look at VS code but its C# support is well behind VS.

===== VS =====
For X# we want to focus on VS code, but we want basic functionality in VS. This is due to both limited resources, but other factors as well.
-Building - Must be able to build X# projects to allow Cosmos to work in VS fully.
-Editing, even if just text.
-Syntax highlighting is nice, but if VS code requires TS for syntax highlighting this may create a duplication of code and a liabilty.

===== X# =====
-TODO - Update this section (Kudzu)
-After Gen2 is complete
-Move down a mini base DebugStub and share with Cosmos
-VS Code debug integration, Watches, stacks, etc...

===== Publicity (Kudzu) =====
Docs, Videos, website, Microsoft, CodeProject, YouTube C9

=================== OLD 2017 Notes - Slowly importing and reassessing ===================

-xsharp.Eval("x = {aVal}")
-Macros - ie inline functions of sort
@@ -28,7 +74,6 @@ Kudzu ----------------------------------------------------
Enrique 500

Change XSC to use Clogger
VS Code

-SyntaxMap - can be circular
@@ -50,8 +95,6 @@ pre/post as plugins

-Emit into ONE .asm file. If output file is specified, all goes to one. Else does one .asm per .xs as now. Also append option to existing .asm

Docs, Videos, website, Microsoft, C9


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