Nominal Device Support v3
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NDS v3


NDS (Nominal Device Support) is a library that allows to write device supports for a variety of control systems (CS) by hiding the details of the chosen CS and focusing on device functionalities.

NDS provides the following features:

  • organizes your device in a tree-like structure, containing one or more devices, channels, attributes (PVs), state machine, etc.
  • provides the data pull mode (passive scanning on EPICS, polling on Tango) and the push mode (Interrupt on EPICS, push on Tango)
  • your code uses standard C++ types and Unix EPOCH timing to communicate with the library
  • on EPICS there is no need to supply separate db files (but you still can if you want)
  • supplies an hierarchical state machine
  • supplies a specialized data acquisition module
  • guaranteed binary compatibility between minor versions allow to easily upgrade existing installations without recompiling the device support

Build Status Coverage Status


  • Online Reference
  • Build doxygen reference with make doc. Requires doxygen and latex. The generated documentation is then found at doc/api/html/index.html and doc/api/hlatex/refman.pdf.

Developer Dependencies

cmake 2.8.2+ required to run unit tests. Included in RHEL 6.6, Debian Wheezy, Ubuntu Trusty.

GCC 4.9+ is recommended because of GCC 57869.

Package Installation

Packages are not available yet.

Manual Installation

Using cmake

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ../CMake
make install

Using make

make install

Run unit tests

  • Build NDS3 with CMake
  • Build and run tests
    mkdir tests/build
    cd tests/build
    cmake ../CMake -DLIBRARY_LOCATION=../../build

Build example drivers

  • Build NDS3 with CMake
  • Build examples
    mkdir doc/examples/build
    cd doc/examples/build
    cmake ../CMake -DLIBRARY_LOCATION=../../../build