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To install Cotonti you need the following server software pre-installed:
* WWW Server (Apache, nginx, etc)
* PHP 5.2 or higher
* MySQL 5.0 or higher
You MUST ensure that PHP has been compiled with support for:
* GD
* Hash
* Mbstring
* Sessions
* Zlib
in order to successfully run Cotonti.
If you want support for SEF (Search Engine Friendly) URLs,
you'll need mod_rewrite and the ability to use local .htaccess files.
1. Copy datas/config-sample.php to datas/config.php and make it writable
with CHMOD 666 or CHMOD 664 (depending on your hosting configuration).
2. Make the following folders and all their subfolders writable too
with CHMOD 777 or CHMOD 775:
/datas/cache (and all its subfolders)
3. Open your favorite browser and locate the installation script in it, e.g.:
4. Follow the instruction on the screen up to the end of installation.
5. If you want to use SEF URLs, then install URL Editor plugin, change plugin's
preset to "Handy" in Administration / Extensions / URL Editor / Configuration
and modify the .htaccess file (if using Apache webserver) or nginx.conf file
(if using Nginx) and put there contents from one of these files according
to your webserver:
For more information and support please visit
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