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Switching themes in the admin panel #1127

Twiebie opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Jasper J Vladimir Sibirov esclkm milleja46
Jasper J

Add a feature for administrators to change the overall user and admin theme with a simple dropdown menu in the administration panel. Isn't logging in to the FTP server and manually changing config.php a bit of an outdated way of doing this? I know this will require some changes due to config.php's permissions, but would storing this theme information in the database be a huge deal? Is does add some better functionality allowing administrators to easily swap themes on the fly in a nicer way. This is just a lot nicer for novice users.

Vladimir Sibirov

I think the main reason it was left in config.php is a case of emergency: if you pick a theme that is broken down, you might be unable to enter a form and change that setting anymore. Now with custom admin themes you can. If the login isn't broken down.

Jasper J

Config.php could still be used as a fallback in case a picked theme is broken, etc.


agree with twiebie for most of config lines


I have to agree, I've just started using this system, and having the switch in the admin panel would make things a lot easier...

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