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DMPOnline with SWORD Integration

This project has been forked from

This version of DMPOnline uses the Sword2Ruby gem to integrate with repositories.

DMPOnline is the DCC’s data management planning tool, available at

Development of the DMPOnline by the Digital Curation Centre has been funded by JISC. JISC inspires UK colleges and universities in the innovative use of digital technologies, helping to maintain the UK’s position as a global leader in education.

This is just the application code, none of the accompanying question data available at is included.

The tool has three main functions

  1. To help create and maintain different versions of Data Management Plans;

  2. To provide useful guidance on data management issues and how to meet research funders’ requirements;

  3. To export attractive and useful plans in a variety of formats.

Documentation & Support

  • On its way… in the meantime, please email

Bugs & Feature Requests

Getting Started

DMPOnline is a Ruby on Rails application. Further details on how to install Ruby on Rails applications are available from

After downloading, create a config/database.yml file based on the provided config/database_example.yml file. Currently only MySQL databases are supported.

Edit the configuration files at config/environments to include your contact email addresses.

Edit the configuration setting config.action_mailer.default_url_options in config/application.rb

Edit values for config.mailer_sender and config.pepper in config/initializers/devise.rb

Set a secret token in config/initializers/secret_token.rb

You’ll need to install gems, build the database and then start the server:

$> bundle install
$> rake db:setup
$> rails server

The database seed data will give you three users:

Full system admin user

A dummy organisation admin user

A normal end user

The password for each of these is ‘password’

Tools Being Used

DMPOnline is built using a number of other open source projects, including

Active Admin

A framework for creating administration-style interfaces.


A DSL for semantically building forms.


User authentication is done using Devise

Highcharts JS

JavaScript library for creating interactive charts. Not free for commercial use:

Iconic Icons

SVG icon set designed by P.J. Onori:

Copyright © 2012 Digital Curation Centre, University of Edinburgh. See AGPL-LICENSE for details.







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