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Post photos taken by motion, and delete photos from Picasa.

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Post photos taken by motion(*).
"watchcat" is the name that is I monitor for my pet cat.


If you upload to Picasa,  Read with-picasa/README.

If you Upload to CouchDB, Read with-couchdb/README.

Installing Motion:

1. Install Debian package motion.
   $ sudo apt-get install motion.

2. Setting motion
   $ sudo vi /etc/default/motion

   $ sudo vi /etc/motion/motion.conf
   -daemon off
   +daemon on
   -setup_mode off
   +setup_mode on
   -snapshot_interval 0
   +snapshot_interval 1800
   -; text_left CAMERA %t
   +text_left CAMERA %t
   -target_dir /tmp/motion
   +target_dir /var/local/motion

 -- Kouhei Maeda <mkouhei at>, Sat, 09 Jul 2011 01:55:15 +0900
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