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NZB's downloaded from NZBMatrix: All MacGuffin Releases download as a RAR #474

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When CP is working and its download NZB's from NZBMatrix and handing them off to NewsBin it fails on McG releases. It downloads .RAR files which just sit there and never get pulled into newsBin.

If I then change the .RAR extension to .NZB manually then NewsBin will see it and pull it in and download like its supposed to. For some crazy reason this is only with McG releases

I went and did some manual testing. If I use the API link and manually enter my user/api info I get an NZB download. I also went to Matrix and looked at their DL options. You can NOT download a .RAR from them. You can only download NZB and ZIP files.

If I download either one of those (NZB/ZIP) from Matrix NewsBin sees them both and starts the download process. Also, the RAR that CP downloads is not really a RAR it is a mislabeled NZB .. If you attempt to open the RAR it gives you a corrupt file error and this is further backed up by the fact that if I change the RAR extension to NZB it immediately gets pulled and starts downloading.

I also tested the changing of file extensions with the ZIP file as well. If I download a ZIP from Matrix and change it to the file extension NZB NewsBin sees it and discards it with out downloading anything. Im guessing it sees it as a broken NZB and attempts to process it but cant because its really a ZIP file.

So .. from what I see its not Matrix .. Its either CP or how CP communicates with Matrix.


Had my 1st non-McG RAR download today...

Accepted 2006 BDRip H264 SecretMyth (Kingdom Release).cp(tt0384793).rar


I'm getting ll .rars out of nzbmatrix:

06-24 14:35:10 INFO [.core.downloaders.sabnzbd] Sending "Treasure.Planet.2002.720p.BluRay.x264-Japhson" to SABnzbd.06-24 14:35:10 INFO [hpotato.core.plugins.base] Opening multipart url: http://localhost:19547/api?nzbname=Treasure.Planet.2002.720p.BluRay.x264-Japhson.cp%28tt0133240%29&apikey=xxx&mode=addfile&cat=movies, params: ['nzbfile']06-24 14:35:10 INFO [.core.downloaders.sabnzbd] NZB sent to SAB successfully.06-24 14:35:11 INFO [ato.core.plugins.searcher] Snatched "Treasure.Planet.2002.720p.BluRay.x264-Japhson": Treasure Planet (2002) in 720P


and in sab:

2012-06-24 14:34:01,836::INFO::[urlgrabber:78] URLGrabber starting up

2012-06-24 14:35:10,904::INFO::[init:597] Adding Treasure.Planet.2002.720p.BluRay.x264-Japhson.cp(tt0133240).rar


Hmmm ok looks like this was using even though I had disabled it in settings, and the .rar file was actually a .xml file saying too many connections.

@jayme-github jayme-github added a commit to jayme-github/CouchPotatoServer that referenced this issue
@RuudBurger RuudBurger Add new check to see if it's a .rar file. fix #474 b52ec98
@mano3m mano3m pushed a commit to mano3m/CouchPotatoServer that referenced this issue
@RuudBurger RuudBurger Add new check to see if it's a .rar file. fix #474 06eb945
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