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Updated iOS app download instructions.
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2 parents 33a99b4 + 96cbafe commit 2cb84f0f7409fa62e07f78c6bed46b7d2a413373 @RuudBurger RuudBurger committed Jun 3, 2012
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@@ -457,7 +457,7 @@
<div class="group iphone">
<fieldset class="inlineLabels">
- <div>Got a jailbroken iPhone? Get the CouchPotato app on Cydia! <span>(search for "<strong>iCouchPotato</strong>")</span></div>
+ <div>Got a jailbroken iPhone? Get the iCouchPotato app on Cydia! <span>(Add our Cydia repo: "<strong></strong>" and search for "<strong>iCouchPotato</strong>")</span></div>
<img src="${baseUrl}media/images/iphone1.png" /><img src="${baseUrl}media/images/iphone2.png" /><img src="${baseUrl}media/images/iphone3.png" />
<div>Why isn't it in the normal Appstore you ask? Because Apple is being a bitch!</div>

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