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The next-generation couch surfing platform. Free forever. Community‑led. Non‑profit. Modern. Chuck us a star :)


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Join us as we build the new alternative to Couchsurfing™

Free forever. Community‑led. Non‑profit. Modern.

Read more about us at

The code in this repository is licensed under the MIT license.

How to contribute

If you found an issue with the app, or have a suggestion/feature you'd like to raise, please add it to the Issues (in the issues tab on GitHub). A developer will come and triage the issue and add it to the backlog.

If you are a developer, please read docs/ on our development model.

Overview of documentation

  • Getting started with dev: app/ outlines basic steps to get a dev environment set up, start here!
  • Architectural overview: docs/ outlines the basic workings of the app, the different components, and the way they interact.
  • Developer Contributor Guide: docs/ explains how we work with this codebase and helps you get up and running with development.
  • CI/CD goodies: docs/ lists the different CI/CD functionality that we've got set up and how you can use this to simplify life
  • Database & migrations: docs/ explains how to use the database and how we version the database with Alembic and update it when new tables or columns are added
  • Docker: docs/ has some tips on how to work with docker and be less miserable


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Note on intellectual property

The source code for the project is licensed under the MIT license, allowing anybody to use and redistribute the code with few restrictions. However, Couchers, Inc. owns, holds exclusive copyrights to, or owns trademarks for, other intellectual property, including the logos, colour schemes, designs, and texts that appear on the platform. If you wish to reuse parts of the project, you must make sure to remove this intellectual property (including by rebranding the app) to reduce confusion and uphold the brand of