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Mo' Code Movember


Name App Award
Connor Clark Gridia Rockstar
Maria Briceno Fuder Polyglot
Zaki Mughal R in Perl / Patch / Kinect Medical Imaging Bicycle Repair Man
Tobin Thomas QuadCopter Mechanic
Carlos Salazar LifeAlert Mechanic
Jim Battelli Arduino Reference Writer
Geoff Acheson Arduino Reference Engineer

Thanks to our judges Paul DeCarlo from Microsoft and Devlin Liles from Improving Enterprises!

A big thank you to the International Women's Hackathon and Microsoft for sponsoring so many great prizes!


How to participate and share what you're working on

Please post an issue on the Mo' Code Movember repo with your username as the title. Whenever you have updates on what you are working on, you can post comments on your issue (and @tag the people you are working with).

Calendar of events

Dates Name Location Description
October 11 to December 12 International Women’s Hackathon everywhere
November 2 Richard Stallman talk UH, SEC 100 Richard Stallman (rms) is giving a talk at the University of Houston. You can RSVP at the Free Software Foundation. More information
November 7 University of Houston Mo’Code Movember Kickoff UH (PGH 563 9 AM - 7 PM) A Github hosted month-long competition where creations will be showcased at UH on the first week of December
November 8 & 9 Code Day Houston START Houston Get tickets, Facebook event
November 13 Mo’Code Movember Checkpoint UH (PGH 563 9 AM - 8 PM ) 1st checkpoint
November 13 to 14 Hacktoberfest START Houston RSVP here
November 20 Mo’Code Movember Checkpoint UH (PGH 563 9 AM - 8 PM) 2nd checkpoint
November 21 to 23 3 Day Startup UH Apply by October 28TH!
November 27 to 28 Thanksgiving Holiday Your place Show your family the awesome thing(s) you created and add those finishing touches!
December 5 Mo’Code Movember Showcase UH (CBB 122 9 AM - 8 PM ) Show your colleagues the awesome thing(s) you created!


Mo' Code Movember is Mo' than a just an event, it's a Mo'de of operation. It's doing Mo' than the minimum and making the Mo'st of your passion for technology. Make a Mo'tion to attempt something challenging and learn something new this Mo'vember. Enjoy this Mo'tivator from the legendary Bruce Lee!

"Knowing is not enough. We must apply. Willing is not enough. We must do" — Bruce Lee


  1. Code must be in publicly visible repositories on GitHub. If you want to make a private repository, you must make a special request and make a case for why you want it be private.

    You must submit all repositories you are working on to the organisers so that we can collect and show what people are working on.

  2. You may either work individually or as a team. Teams are preferred.

  3. Only new code is evaluated.

    If you have an existing project that you are working on, you can continue working on that, but only commits made after November 1st, 2014 00:00:00-0500 are counted towards judging.

  4. You must attend the kickoff event and each of the checkins to participate. Programming is about more than sitting alone hunched over a keyboard.

  5. We have high standards for code. No hacks here. We want tests and documentation. Write code as if you will be coming back to it in a year. Who knows, you might at the next Mo' Code Movember. Take pride in your craft.

  6. You don't have to work on a single project throughout Mo' Code Movember. If you want to work on Mo' Problems, Mo' Power to you. However, this is not an excuse to drop your standards.


The Writer: best commit messages, documentation, blogging, etc.

The Writer tells you why they are doing things, not just what they are doing.

The Engineer: best use of reusable components.

The Engineer doesn't reinvent the wheel. Instead, the Engineer stands on the shoulders of giants.

The Mechanic: best use of hardware hacking. If you're interfacing over

serial, bit banging, or spinning servos, you are in the running for this.

The Mechanic isn't afraid to get their hands dirty and solder some circuits.

The Invigilator: best use of tests.

The Invigilator is no-nonsense when it comes to code coverage. Positive tests, negative tests, data driven, test-first: the Invigilator does them all.

The Bicycle Repair Man: patches to FOSS code.

The Bicycle Repair Man is an FOSS hero that sends well-tested patches to FOSS projects. These projects can even be ones that are

The Community Leader: greases the cogs of FOSS.

The Community Leader encourages others to improve their code, suggests other ways to program, provides support to new developers and users, etc.

The Rockstar: devops automation

The Rockstar makes sure that projects have a good ecosystem to work in. This includes build automation, continuous integration, automated installation, virtual machines, etc.

The Polyglot: speaks many languages

The Polyglot doesn't care which language they are using as long as it gets the job done.



📈📝📆 Mo' Code Movember is a month long coding event aimed at improving software engineering and sharing code.






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