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== twfy_local_parser is a scraper/parser for local authorities.

A live version can be seen at

At the moment it’s in the early stages, concentrating on developing a scraper/parser system where the scraper/parsers are stored in the db (via a web interface).

Anyone wishing to help on this project, please email me at countculture at googlemail dot com

Repository and bug tracker at

Copyright (c) 2009 Chris Taggart.
countculture at googlemail dot com;

* When adding join model (e.g. committee memberships), currently added even when test processing. Plus no reporting, as reporting uses Dirty, which doesn't act on associations
* When doing test scrape of member info new info (eg email addresses) shows up, but doesn't when processing

NI Districts only avail at ONS Wards not used for electoral areas in NI.