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Code base for Art Pipelines creating an easy to use API for Technical Artists.
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--------------- Download from github ---------------

and sync the project to your local git folder:

or copy PipelineConstructionSet folder to your favorite location. This folder will be
referred to as [PCSroot] in this document.

--------------- Installation instructions ---------------

A. Set 'toolsLocation' in [PCSroot]/python/common/core/ to location of
[PCSroot] chosen above.

--------------- MotionBuilder hook-up ---------------

A. Open Settings -> Preferences -> Python  and specify 'Python startup folder' as:

B. Still need to add to User or System environment variable PYTHONPATH:

--------------- Maya hook-up ---------------

A. Copy userSetup.mel from
	to maya scripts folder:

B.	Change line #2 in userSetup.mel 'mayaMenuBootPath' and set to:

	Change line #3 to:

C. Add this line to your Maya.env:
	PYTHONPATH = [PCSroot]/python/maya/site-packages/pymel-1.0.5

--------------- Future Apps to come ---------------
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