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Content Policy for Counterpartytalk and the Counterparty Slack chat

(collectively referred to as the Counterparty properties)

1. Stay on Topic

The Counterparty properties are a place to discuss matters related to the Counterparty cryptocurrency. Discussions that are off-topic to this will be closed and potentially deleted. Comments within a discussion may naturally veer in different directions, and this is generally not a problem. However, if the moderators feel that the comment chain has reached its limit, we will give a polite notice about being off topic before moderation is used.

2. No Self-Promotion

"Self-promotion" is an attempt to redirect traffic from the Counterparty properties to your personal blog, chat, YouTube channel, etc. Pure self-promotion will not be allowed, however, if you are trying to get feedback and reviews from the community for your Counterparty-based project, or an outlet of your original content that relates to Counterparty in some direct manner, then reasonable and limited promotion is permitted. If you are unsure, please ask a mod before doing so.

3. Choose Your Curse Words Wisely

Comments that contain profanity may be held for moderator review before being posted. Depending on the context of the comment, it may be removed. Profanity used to insult, antagonize, or inflame will always be removed.

4. Don't Be a Jerk

Personal attacks, insults with hostile intent, stalking, harassment, slander, and using offensive speech will not be tolerated. Discussions and comments with the sole purpose of antagonizing or provoking (i.e. trolling) will be removed, and your account may be banned. Sexist, racist, misogynist, homophobic, and broad, offensive generalizations about groups of people are simply not allowed.

5. No Scams

Promoting manipulative schemes that directly seek to enrich one group (normally the founders) at the expense of another group (normally those that come later and are not “insiders”) are not tolerated. If your posting is deemed by the moderators (at their sole opinion) to be a scam, it will be deleted and your account may be banned.

6. No Copying and Pasting

Do not copy and paste someone else's writing without due credit or notice. Please provide a link to your sources.

7. No Spam

Spam is the posting of unsolicited messages, generally advertising a product or service. Spam can also be the repeated posting of the same message multiple times. Either form of "spamming" is strictly prohibited. Please note that accounts that post advertising spam will be banned without warning.

8. English Only, Unless Stated Otherwise

Discussions and comments posted in languages other than English will be removed. This does not apply to “Local” forums or local channels that feature a specific language, such as Chinese. This also does not apply if you are using another language to make a point or using it colloquially rather than as primary communication.

9. No Sexual Content

As the old saying goes, “we know it when we see it.”


1. Contact A Mod

If you are uncertain about a moderation action, or if you you have questions, comments, or concerns regarding the Counterparty properties, you can feel free to contact moderators on the slack chat, via direct message, or email

2. Warnings

Generally, a polite warning will be given before any further moderation takes place. You will not receive a warning in cases of spam, scams or in cases where it is blatantly obvious that you are posting on the Counterparty properties for the sole purpose of trolling and causing problems.

3. Deletions

Discussions that are off topic or violate any of the other channel rules will be closed with a brief explanation as to why it was closed. Closed discussions may be deleted shortly after they are closed. Comments that violate the stated rules will also be deleted. If you have a question as to why a comment or discussion was deleted, please politely ask a mod for an explanation.

4. Bannings

Accounts that post spam or clear scams will receive an automatic blacklist/ban without warning. Persistent violation of the channel rules may result in a blacklist/ban. You may expect at least one warning from a mod before a blacklist/ban is issued for violation of channel rules. Please note that a blacklist/ban is not necessarily permanent. Sometimes a "cooling off" period is needed. If you would like to have your blacklist/ban removed, and the mod you banned you has not already given you a way to remove your ban, please contact Blacklists/bans may be overturned if the mods feel that the action that previously resulted in the blacklist/ban has been corrected.

5. Appeals

If you have an issue with a moderation practice on this channel, please do not persist in arguing with the mods. Politely ask for an explanation and one will be provided. If you are not satisfied with the explanation, and you insist on continuing the argument with the mod, you run the risk of further moderation action. If you would like to appeal a mod's decision or moderation practice, you may email the moderators group collectively at The purpose of this rule is to keep the Counterparty properties clear from moderation arguments and to avoid unnecessary escalation of moderation (i.e., deletion and blacklist).


Moderators can collectively be reached via emailing

How to become a moderator

Community members may apply for moderator status. We generally look for intelligent, well-behaved, and reliable members of the community. If you are interested and think you have what it takes, please reach out to us at, or on Slack.

Additional information

NOTE: This agreement is based on the Select Start channel rules. Used with permission.