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// Countly.h
// This code is provided under the MIT License.
// Please visit for more information.
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
@class EventQueue;
@interface Countly : NSObject {
double unsentSessionLength;
NSTimer *timer;
double lastTime;
BOOL isSuspended;
EventQueue *eventQueue;
+ (Countly *)sharedInstance;
- (void)start:(NSString *)appKey withHost:(NSString *)appHost;
- (void)recordEvent:(NSString *)key count:(int)count;
- (void)recordEvent:(NSString *)key count:(int)count sum:(double)sum;
- (void)recordEvent:(NSString *)key segmentation:(NSDictionary *)segmentation count:(int)count;
- (void)recordEvent:(NSString *)key segmentation:(NSDictionary *)segmentation count:(int)count sum:(double)sum;
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