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@ar2rsawseen ar2rsawseen released this Dec 15, 2020 · 109 commits to master since this release


  • [apps] application settings Save button fixed
  • [consolidate] UI fixes
  • [events] fixed displaying long segents in events table
  • [events] fixed issue when updating event description doesn't work
  • [events] top events - check for deleted events
  • [push] fixed APN issue when DNS returns 1 IP
  • [star-rating] first emotion size problem fixed
  • [two-factor-auth] fxied when session was enabled before OTP verification
  • [UI] date picker behavior improvements
  • [UI] provide notification popup to notify about incomplete upgrade
  • [views] fixed edit views table export
  • [views] fixed showing renamed view name in table

Enterprise fixes

  • [active_directory] fix retrieving email address for azure auth
  • [ab-testing] centos 8 support
  • [cohorts] allow to treat some lists as numbers
  • [cohorts] allow using numbers in AND statements
  • [cohorts] fix is set filling on cohort edit
  • [cohorts] improve cohort overview loading with more than 100 cohorts
  • [crash_symbols] changed the wording of debug symbol files
  • [dashboards] disable confirm popup on custom dashboard screenshots
  • [dashboards] fixed colors for white theme
  • [dashboards] remove dashboard user when user deleted
  • [drill] aggregated data regeneration fixed when daylight saving time occurs
  • [drill] handle arrays properly in meta generations
  • [formulas] don't allow to use same name and improve the messages on pop-up(s)
  • [funnels] improve funnel overview loading
  • [funnels] store funnel data in gridfs for report manager to allow large data storage
  • [okta] fixed issuer url
  • [remote-config] fixed not loading remote config list when there are many values
  • [retention_segments] correct retention type descriptions
  • [retention_segments] links to user profiles should be removed from tooltips
  • [surveys] fixed All Time selection
  • [users] fix increasing event count in sessions table
  • [users] fixed ignoring query in user profile list on large quantity of custom properties
  • [views] fixed heat maps

Enterprise Improvements

  • [concurrent_users] less writes on data ingestion
  • [concurrent_users] show Max Concurrent Online Users in the analytics section
  • [dashboards] allow font customizations for notes widget
  • [dashboards] allow separate period in some widgets
  • [funnels] add caching mode options for bigger data
  • [groups] allow space in group id
  • [retention_segments] add configurable size to days in retention in custom dashboards
  • [retention_segments] display percentages in the cells in custom dashboards
  • [users] Adding push tokens & geo to user filter
  • [users] exported files allow to have formatted date

Development related

  • [api] fixed output error log
  • [api] respond 200 on checksum fails to allow process rest of requests
  • [auth_plugins] use member utility
  • [crash_symbols] add a log for errors when testing symbolication server
  • [crash_symbols] added a script to test symbolication server connection
  • [jobs] Relaxing IPC timeout
  • [logs] output version and plugin set on proces start
  • [mongodb] latest driver fixes
  • [scripts] added Centos 8 and Ubuntu 20 support
  • [scripts] removed CentOS 6 support
  • [timezones] updated timezone information
  • [users] allow to query user details by uid and did values in API
  • [users] expose more user properties in user profiles view
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@ar2rsawseen ar2rsawseen released this Nov 5, 2020 · 230 commits to master since this release

Countly 20.11 includes over 300+ new features, optimizations, security tightening. We are one release stronger in our commitment to an all-in-one product analytics experience that's as secure as it gets!

You can read more about 20.11 release in our blog post. If you'd like to view a detailed list of all changes please see here.

For Countly Server upgrade instructions, please see here.

Highlights for Enterprise Edition

  • Surveys - Make the voice of your customer part of your analytics strategy using surveys. Ask up to 5 questions in a single survey, customize the appearance & behaviour and target your surveys based on in-app behaviour & properties of your users. Available for mobile and web apps.

  • Net Promoter® Score - Measure your customer experience using Net Promoter® Score (NPS®) surveys. Customize the follow-up question based on the given score, target the NPS® survey based on in-app behaviour & properties of your users, visualize the NPS® as part of the customer journey.

  • Hooks - Trigger external HTTP endpoints & receive emails based on incoming data and internal events such as a user entering a cohort or a user profile getting updated. A brand new way to use the power of Countly data to feed external systems.

  • Activity Maps - Visualize the session & custom event data in country, state and city level detail in the brand new activity maps. Navigate to the list of user profiles from any of the detail levels to dig into the individual user behaviour.

  • Funnels - Configure each individual funnel to be calculated based on whether steps are performed in a single session or across multiple sessions and fine-tune your customer journey analysis.

Highlights for Community and Enterprise Editions

  • Optimized Core - An improved data ingestion system, that has optimized data inserts and updates giving you up to 10x data write performance compared to previous Countly versions.

  • Huawei Push Kit - Send push notifications to Huawei devices using the Huawei Push Kit integration. Use Huawei Push Kit to deliver push notifications to your entire Android user base, or use it side by side with Firebase Cloud Messaging.

  • Custom Event Grouping - A new way to explore your custom event data. Create custom event groups by selecting the individual custom events to be included in your group and visualize your grouped custom event data inside the All Events section.

  • Consolidate - A new plugin that lets you create apps that consolidate data from other apps. When configured, a consolidated app combines data from the selected apps and makes it available as a single app within your dashboard.

  • Customizable Email Reports - Customize your email reports and select which data points you would like to get reports on. If you choose to have custom events in your email reports, you can select the individual custom events to be included.

SDK updates

For all Countly SDKs please see here.

Read before upgrading

Countly now supports only WiredTiger as a storage engine for MongoDB. Before upgrading make sure you are using WiredTiger as a storage engine and migrate your data if you are not.

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@ar2rsawseen ar2rsawseen released this Jun 25, 2020 · 1641 commits to master since this release


  • [api] make sure location is string
  • [api] skip empty bulk requests
  • [cmd] fix logging of upgrade commands
  • [configuration] plugin settings in app managament treat number like number
  • [crashes] log bulk error on crash users upsert
  • [dbviewer] fixed projection problem
  • [enterpriseinfo] more space to login area
  • [frontend] fix empty template load in application management
  • [frontend] fixed admins accessing applications section
  • [frontend] fixed error when checking user_of rights
  • [frontend] period parsing fixes
  • [members] maintain backwards compatability for api key validation
  • [plugin-upload] fix file type check
  • [populator] allow providing single digit values as custom user properties in templates
  • [push] fixing unhandled rejection on delete of notification with invalid id
  • [reportmanager] delete long tasks on app delete
  • [server-stats] punchcard comply with rights access
  • [star-rating] fix dialog to work with checksum enabled apps
  • [star-rating] fixed integration popup problem
  • [star-ratings] fixed comments tab sorting problem
  • [systemlogs] fix exports script for new driver version
  • [views] correct localization based on app type
  • [views] fixed incorrect result when searching for specific views

Enterprise fixes

  • [ab-testing] fixed user merging logic for ab testing experiments
  • [ab-testing] shallow copy bug fix
  • [attribution] correctly calculating campaign level aggregated data
  • [cohorts] do not crash if cohort does not exist for widget
  • [cohorts] moved back to master process for usage in push campaigns
  • [concurrent_users] handling metric labels overflow
  • [dashboards] fixed double zoom on drill widget period switch
  • [drill] correctly check query type for api parameter
  • [drill] fixed date processing error in some cases
  • [drill] fixed duration formatting for BY queryes and dashboard widgets
  • [drill] fixed recording orientation key
  • [drill] limit line count in graph based on settings color count for BY queries
  • [drill] proper event key escaping/unescaping processing
  • [drill] use BY limit from configuration correctly
  • [flows] use view display name in flow diagram
  • [formulas] correctly regenerate formulas data in report manager
  • [formulas] fixed NaN/no data issue for weekly buckets
  • [funnels] fixed calculating funnel data for past periods
  • [loyalty] fix segmentation filter
  • [performance-monitoring] apm tables sorting fixes
  • [performance-monitoring] fix drill query period
  • [performance-monitoring] tabs navigation bug fix
  • [performance-monitoring] unknown value fix
  • [star-rating] drill icon will only appear on ratings tab


  • [compare] increased app/event compare limit to 20
  • [db] support for mongodb DNS seed list connection string
  • [frontend] add links to events in event overview
  • [frontend] remove password field when creating users from Global admin
  • [ip_store] store ip address as custom user property (disabled by default)
  • [logger] allow searching for request contents in search field
  • [logger] register data for tokens on top level
  • [logger] register requests with ms precision
  • [performance-monitoring] network response latency overall percentages and breakdown by country
  • [populator] add more template based views with heatmap data for web app type
  • [remote-config] add support for does not contain
  • [reportmanager] display errors in the report manager table

Enterprise Improvements

  • [block] do not require segmentation for blocking events
  • [funnels] display readable stepnames for custom dashboards widgets
  • [users] display search input if any value is provided in it
  • [users] make segments and segment values searchable and exportable in event timeline

Development related

  • [api] provide a way to bypass checksum check for programmatic request
  • [cmd] add new plugin creation command
  • [docker] Invalid A/B testing model location for debian
  • [docker] Removing unnecessary plugins
  • [docker] fixed disappearing timzeone
  • [docs] comment fixes and documentation generation stucture
  • [frontend] allow skipping columns from export
  • [plugins] ensure events propagate to all plugins on single plugin failure
  • [scripts] single mongodb installation script (that can be used standalone)
  • [shellcheck] fixes and CI checks
  • [tests] increased timeouts and removed ambigiousness
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  • v20.04
  • b079c7c
  • Compare
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    Search for a tag
  • v20.04
  • b079c7c
  • Compare
    Choose a tag to compare
    Search for a tag

@ar2rsawseen ar2rsawseen released this Apr 30, 2020 · 1808 commits to master since this release

Countly 20.04 includes over 200+ new features, optimizations, security tightening. We are one release stronger in our commitment to an all-in-one product analytics experience that's as secure as it gets!

You can read more about 20.04 release in our blog post. If you'd like to view a detailed list of all changes please see here.

For Countly Server upgrade instructions, please see here.

Highlights for Enterprise Edition

  • Performance Monitoring - Keep track of your applications' backend API requests, perform code level profiling with your own custom performance metrics and measure your application start and page load times. Find out performance issues within your application and fix them for a better customer experience.

  • Cohorts - A fresh and powerful new design for the cohorts UI. Explore changes in your cohorts in the overview section, dive into individual cohort details to visualize cohort changes over time & explore common metrics of users in a cohort. Compare in app behavior of customers in different cohorts to understand and serve them better.

  • Formulas - Session duration and users in a cohort can now be used as parameters in your formulas. Furthermore, each parameter in your formulas can now be filtered using default/custom user properties and event segments for sharper fine tuning & detailed analysis.

  • Funnels & Cohorts & A/B Testing - Using the new OR operator you can create funnels, cohorts and A/B testing goals that have a larger scope. For instance, first step of a funnel can now be constructed using 3 separate custom events, or a single cohort can group users based on whether they triggered an event or the other.

  • Dashboards - Your dashboards are now a lot more powerful thanks to our new and improved widgets. Display multiple cohorts on a bar chart, visualize changes over time for multiple cohorts, use the number widget for your formulas, compare & contrast previous period data in your drill & formulas widgets.

Highlights for Community and Enterprise Editions

  • Crashes & Errors - We have made quite a few optimizations in crash analytics including two new, very important metrics in overview: Crash free users and crash free sessions. These metrics will let you stay on top of your overall customer experience and address problems before they start to impact your business.

  • Data Populator - We have added templating concept to the data populator. It comes with 5 default templates for banking, healthcare, navigation, e-commerce & gaming and you can create your own templates to populate data that is relevant for your use case.

  • Ratings & Feedback - We have added a few extra configuration options for your feedback widgets. Add comment and Contact me via e-mail options can now be toggled for each widget. You can also choose from 3 different widget trigger button sizes to find the perfect fit for your application.

  • Views - Your page or screen view names are not always easy to understand, especially for non-technical people looking at the reports. Using the display name configuration option in Analytics → Views, you can now customize names for all your views.

  • MAU, WAU and DAU - Monthly, weekly and daily active user visualization is now available under Analytics → Users. MAU, WAU and DAU is also displayed on a 30 day time series graph so that you can stay on top of your active user trends.

SDK updates

For all Countly SDKs please see here.

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Jan 18, 2020
Merge pull request #1144 from Cookiezaurs/next
For [SERVER-1617] Big list and String input searching should do drill segment mapping