[OBSOLETE] Coursemology v1 has now been superseded by v2 (https://github.com/coursemology/coursemology2)
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Coursemology v1 has been superseded by Coursemology v2. If you would like to contribute, do so on v2.

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Coursemology is an open source gamified learning platform that enables educators to increase student engagement and make learning fun.

Setting up Coursemology

There are two ways to setup a local development instance of Coursemology. You can either use Vagrant and Ansible to automate the setup or you can do it manually.

With Vagrant


  1. VirtualBox
  2. Vagrant
  3. Ansible

Setting up

cd coursemology.org
vagrant up
# Grab a cup of coffee

Once the virtual machine is provisioned, you may ssh into the virtual machine and start running the server.

vagrant ssh
cd coursemology
rails s

Manually without Vagrant


  1. Ruby and Ruby on Rails (3.2.14)
  2. MySQL

Setting up a Ruby on Rails environment is pretty involved. You may follow the instructions on GoRails for your own operating system.

Setting up

cp .env_sample .env

bundle install
rake db:setup db:migrate db:populate_course_pref db:gen_fake_data
rails s

Testing on your local machine

A Superuser is added during rake db:seed.

username: jfdi@academy.com
password: supersecretpass


We love contributors!

  1. Fork the repository.
  2. Clone your fork to your machine.
  3. git checkout -b awesome-feature
  4. Make changes.
  5. git push origin awesome-feature
  6. Create a pull request on github.

Contact Us

Have an idea? Pop by the gitter chat room. If you prefer emails, join us at the Coursemology-Dev mailing list. We will respond to you in less than 24 hours unless there's a zombie apocalypse.

Found Boogs?

Create an issue on the Github issue tracker.


Copyright (c) 2013-2016 Coursemology.org. This software is licensed under the MIT License.


The Coursemology.org Project was made possible by a number of teaching development grants from the National University of Singapore over the years.